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Nov 18, 2011

Hey Dopetribers everywhere!

Welcome cannabis and music lovers of the world to Episode 11 of the Scoobysnakks Smoking Session with me your much stoned and jovial host Monsieur Scoobysnakks.

It’s great to be back in the studio hot seat and to be able to bring you the penultimate episode to my year long series. This month I’d like to provide and present another ganja inspired instalment for your enjoyment. Join me for much smoketastic fun as we head through some more beautiful music from my toking collection as well as the usual comedy features and thought provoking sound clips.

It’s been much fun to put this together for the good folks of the dopefiend network this month and I’ve incinerated much ganja in the production of this episode. I hope you find the results to your liking and I’ve brought you possibly something you haven’t heard before.

Please accept my thanks for downloading, ripping, burning, copying distributing and sharing these episodes. I hope you’ve been enjoying them across the globe and trust they’ve been a nice accompaniment to your ganja burning activities.

Don’t forget, I am still trying to crash the JTV 420 Radio station that I present LIVE shows on with as much listeners as possible. I am often to be found presenting live shows on my Dopetriber dedicated radio station Planet London Radio at various random times of the day and night.

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If you haven’t yet directed your browser over to see us yet, please do so! You can come and watch the shows presented live from the studio using our webcams and we often have members of the Dopetribe calling in on the cams all broadcast live in crisp digital sound for your enjoyment. We broadcast part time so if you find the station offline, please come back soon and hopefully, you’ll find us on air.

Dopetribe Live is the ‘Best Show Of The Week’ on PLR and broadcast every Sunday Night @ 7pm UK Time. It’s an interactive live call in show featuring the growing family of the Dopetribe and is open for all to use. Broadcasting all over the planet we’re there every Sunday to discuss all areas of cannabis use as well as bringing you ‘The Very Best Of 420 Radio.’

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And so, with that, yet another month slips through our fingers and we find ourselves nearly at the end of both the year and my contribution back to this beloved network. And for the final time I’ll say – ‘I do hope you’ll join me next month’ where I’ll bring you the final episode in the series.

Until then, have a great month ahead and be excellent to each other…

Thanks for listening.



Track List

1. Lemon Jelly – In The Bath

2. Capercaillie – Who Will Raise Their Voice

3. W.O.S.P – Getting In 2U (Dubmix)

4. Fantan Mojah – Ordinary Herb

5. Garfunkel And Oats – Weed Card

6. A Remeniscent Drive – Life Is Beautiful

7. Don Changolini – Marijuana

8. Jakatta – So Lonely

9. Chapter 11 – Good Marijuana

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