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Jul 15, 2013

Mary 'Cannabis Skunk Nonsense UK' Brett is up to her usual inaccurate scaremongering  again.

This time she has the help of The Telegraph's security editor Tom Whitehead, who really doesn't seem to care that people across the UK are laughing at them both.

Journalistic integrity is the key word here, or rather the lack of it!

Happy to know that there are so many better educated people out there who just won't put up with this kind of dinosaur mis-reporting.

Please read the comments section, as they both get cussed off worse than a fat kid at school tucking into a pork pie!

And I should know, I WAS THAT FAT KID!

Mr Chris Bovey of Norml UK gives a fair rebuttal against the wicked witch of the-er-I mean Mary Brett!

Well done Chris for not going too mental on her.

Suggesting she extracted figures from one of her orifices was positively polite I thought!

Don't know where else she could have got them from...?

I think it's safe to say that the Cannabis community has known for some time that the  police preferred to nick Cannabis users, as they are easier to process, predominately non-violent and it made  the crime figures look good.

We were branded paranoid and told to take our tin foil hats off and quit the demon weed.

Then Kent police got busted by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Kent, Ann Barnes and the whole sordid truth about how they 'inaccurately recorded crimes' came  out.

It would seem that Kent police were:

 "pursuing crimes on the basis of how easy they were to solve, rather than on their seriousness, or their impact on victims or communities"

More disturbing than that is the 25% of "no-crimes" such as rapes and robberies which were wrongly classified.

Feel safe?

As a resident of Kent, I now have far less trust than the small amount I had to begin  with.

Trust plays a major role in effective community relations, regardless of if you use Cannabis or not.

If you thought that Judge Lambert was mad as a box of frogs for ordering a sick man to  write an essay on the dangers of Cannabis as part of his sentence, then think again.

The award for insane sentencing has now been wrestled from the grubby clutches of Judge Lambert by a new victor, Judge Wynn Morgan.

These frogs are not just mad, THEY ARE FOAMING AT THE MOUTH INSANE!

You see, he didn't much care for Simon Redclift smoking Cannabis in his own shed, so he's banned him-from his own shed!

No, seriously, it's not a late April fools joke.

As part of Simon's bail conditions, he is no longer allowed to enter his own garden shed.

I couldn't add more to this if I tried.

It is what it is-CRAZY!

Whatever you are on judge Morgan, either cut or double the dose!

But once again Norml UK comes to the rescue in the form of a very funny article by James Collins.

This is a must read.

I actually LOL'ED!

Thanks James and Norml UK.

Keep up the good work!

This is sad news for our French counterparts, as The French Court in Tours has dissolved the newly founded French Cannabis Social Clubs.

I'm sure there are many people out there (as well as the French themselves) who speak and read French.

For everyone else, theres Google translate or just listen to the Cannabulletin.

And staying briefly in France, well done to Cannabis Sans Frontières (Cannabis Without Borders) for clarifying the data regarding the percentage of French in favour of decriminalisation of Cannabis.

What do you know, the French press can't be trusted either!

And they would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky stoners from the C.S.F!,833.html

Apparently (according to Peter Hitchens that is)  there's a 'great cannabis con' going on!

Yeah, I know, he's really lost it-more than usual this time.

So what's put a bug up his orifice?

The fact that magistrate Yvonne Davies was (quite rightly) suspended from her job last  year for telling a Cannabis grower to 'Jack it in' because she believed that her brother was driven to suicide by Cannabis.

Although I sincerely sympathise with her loss, being a chronic depressive myself, I can't help but opine that it may have actually been the fact that her brother initially was fine until he  had a seizure while at work, was sent home and then sacked from his job for being a Cannabis user.

We users are an isolated lot at the best of times, due to the love of our vice and medicine.

And let's face it, being out of work for any period of time is enough to drive even the most level headed person to distraction.

I've been out of work for almost three years now myself and if it were not for Cannabis I would have lost it big time ages ago!

(And F.Y.I, in case any Daily Mail readers are now tutting at me disapprovingly and make the  mother off all assumptions in suggesting I'm sponging off the state, I receive no benefit, so ner!)

She resigned not long ago, although for some reason Peter HItchens wants to think she was sacked, even though she said herself 'I quit!'

Mr Hitchens seems to think that Peter Reynolds had a hand in this.

(What a creepy thought, Peter Reynolds grubby little hands!)

Maybe his argument is one of constructive dismissal but whatever the case, there was a clear conflict of interest here on the part of Yvonne Davies and it was only right that she leave, if only really for her own sake.

I've included all these links so you can disseminate the information for yourself from more than one source and get a fuller picture of this case.

After all, if we were to take the word of Peter Hitchens, we would really need our heads examined wouldn't we?!

And speaking of needing our head examined...

Three words.



Theresa May.

(Or as I like to call her, The Frizz Ease Queen of Incompetence!)

Yes, once again she has ignored the advice of the A.C.M.D and decided to ban a mild herbal stimulant that is predominately used by the UK African community.

How she can be so stupid as to think that the African community will stop using a herb, which they have been using for possibly thousands of years, because SHE  thinks it maybe  a little dangerous, is beyond the scope of this brief description of her imbecility...

It would seem that Sir Roger Gale M.P may have awoken from his Valium induced sleep in Westminster to the realisation that Cannabis seeds are sold legally in the UK and he now wants them banned!

I think it was legendary comic Bill Hicks who once remarked that making nature illegal  is  un-natural.

Thankfully political blogger and writer for The Huff Post, Jason Reed, is on hand to guide Sir Roger through the process of criminalising a seed and eloquently navigates the con's and con's of doing such a foolish thing.

And finally, to put everyone's mind at ease (including mine!) you CAN say NO to those Orwellian Smart  Meters which the organised crime agencies (otherwise known as utility providers) want you to have.

They are NOT mandatory and also far from secure.

Don't let them dupe you into thinking that these meters are a legal requirement, they are not!

Thanks to all who have sent in news stories and thanks to those who offered kind compliments regarding my little old Cannabulletin.

Sorry to say however that I'm going to be taking a break for a while, so I won't be doing anymore until further notice.

It's not you, it's me!:(

Oh who am I kidding?!

It's all Theresa Mays fault!

And Peter Hitchens!

And 'Mad ass' Mary Brett!

And 'Koo Koo' Kathy Gyngell!

And that other silly old bint from the Daily Fail that wouldn't know a fact if it came up behind her and goosed her!

And most of all Justin friggin Bieber!!!*

Psychotropically yours


*All persons mentioned in this list may not be responsible at all for me pissing off for a while.

Terms and conditions apply.

Moods can go down as well as up.

Always read the label.