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Oct 25, 2010

This week in The Grow Report we have a long show for you, but worth your time to listen.

We have reports from Nube40 our Cannabis Correspondent from New Jersey & HighDiver420 from Colorado delivers his first Cannabis Correspondent report. 

Big Dubbs951 is our guest for this week's growing segment. 

BigDubbs951 has posted his first & second medical grow on Youtube.  Zandor & Mrs.Z have a sit down chat with BigDubbs951 and talk about his grows.

We have a new song written just for Prop 19 in California by Asi_Didi.

Mrs.Z does the news as a solo act this week, Zandor is still under the weather but he got a show out anyway.

Zandor & Mrs.Z remind everybody in California to VOTE yes on prop 19 and legalize Marijuana.

They also ask you to vote NO on Prop 23 & its evil twin Prop 26…Don't believe the lies from Big Oil.  These will NOT COST A MILLION JOBS…THAT IS JUST A LIE FROM THE RIGHT!

It's a big show this week and well worth your time to listen.

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