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Sep 30, 2007

This week's Grow Guru Zandor is back with Attitude.  Zandor & Mrs. Z are back at it again with the KBS grow room project.  This week they are talking and working on a Hydrofarm track light mover, learn how to assemble, lengthen & repair your own light mover.  Zandor answers emails and goes nuts on Nancy Pelosi just a bit. Zandor and Mrs. Z introduce a new segment to The Grow Report today too: The Ethno-botanicals report with LlamaBox. Email,, leave your comments, check out the chatroom and stop by our forum

almost seventeen years ago

Where can I find the pictures you guys take during the podcast? It would be nice to SEE them while listening. I checked out the forum, no go. Or atleast there are not with the post.