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Oct 26, 2006

One for the ladies...This show is going out especially for the women amongst us messy stoners :)  Seems like we are seriously under-representing our sisters, so this show is a call to all you gals to get in touch, and hit us with the tunes that you are listening to.  Check out Dante's Prayer for a smooth beautiful dream-fest...My favourite :)  Email, leave comments at, while away the hours at the Forum, and transmit your voice with Skype and warm the cold silicone heart of the internet!!!

Playlist: Feeling Good - Nina Simone; Respect - Aretha Franklin; Eurythmics & Aretha - Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves; Cornflake Girl - Tori Amos; Sway - Bic Runga; Days - Kirsty McColl; Following - Chungking; Rhymes Of An Hour - Mazzy Star; Dante's Prayer - Lorena McKennit.
almost fourteen years ago

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seventeen and a half years ago

Thank you QueerNinja! You certainly have exquisite taste in girl music. I don\'t need no dang satellite music now that you\'re in my life! BTW mr wink liked all of your selections too. And, I wish I had some of what you were toking toward the end of the show, it seems it was pretty delicious. Loving every moment of your podcasts. We started a QN marathon last Sunday & got up to show 7 before it was time to turn in. ms wink