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Aug 31, 2006

A sick Queerninja battles against the micro-bugs to bring you a blend of trance and dance to help you dream or bounce your way through the chill, grind, or star-gazing session of your choice....Big thanks to Cannabistourist for suggesting I do another one of these kind of shows.  Very short speak-session from me this week, just feeling a bit rough round the edges guys........Email me your love to, leave me nice comments on the site here, or Skype the town red baby :)  Hey, gonna compile a Smokers Party Playlist for next week with tunes selected from the forum, so add your favourites to the thread man!

Playlist: Morph - Morphing; Samurai - Juno Reactor; Easter Island - Cygnus X Mix; Rez - Underworld; The Tear Drop - Armand Van Helden; Breathe Me - Sia (Ulrich Schanuss Remix).
over fourteen years ago

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almost eighteen years ago

Hey QN, I really like this weeks show. You always pick such great tunes.

I really like to get live shows whenever possible. I think the vibe of the audience has alot to do with the feel of a song.

Here is a link to a site I use full of live audio concerts.
Also take a look at as is has a huge list of great bands and shows.