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Jan 25, 2007

Dope fiends of the world, the withdrawal is officially over!'s Chieftain of Chill, Queerninja returns to the dojo to cast long shadows on the path of injustice!  Great to be back!!  Enjoy some lovely happy and obscure tracks from our beautiful world, and prepare yourself for Dope Idol 2007.  2 HUGE listeners music shows over the next two weeks, to catch up with all the wicked emails.  So, get your tunes, ideas and thoughts to; leave comments on the show at, and Skype if you wanna go faster :)
Playlist:  Start Wearing Purple - Gogol Bordello; Under Me Sleng Teng - Wayne Smith & Jammy's Studio Band; Rock Upon a Porch With You - The Boy Least Likely To; Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken - Camera Obscura; Karma Hunters (Alternate) - The Pinker Tones; Hijo del Diluvio - Congreso; Writers Block - Just Jack; Justice to the People - Lee 'Scratch' Perry; Anderson Council - The Yearning; Echoes - Alien Sex Fiend.

Mr. G. Pothead
seventeen and a half years ago

Really great you\'re back Queerninja. Great tunes today, as usual. Dude, the thing with your leg sounds painful but it\'s an amusing story if that\'s any consolation.

seventeen and a half years ago

Welcome back QueerNinja, even with that bad ankle injury which you seemed to have picked up! No more rubbing on table and chair legs eh? Well, not wooden ones anyway! Great to have you back and I love Podders idea above.

seventeen and a half years ago

Haven\'t heard the show yet, but it\'s good to have you back, sir.