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Dec 16, 2009

In the second episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we delve into the world of visionary music. Our guest is Capsula, one of the pioneers of the Psybiance genre. We discuss his creative process, the history of psychedelic trance and touch on the role of sacred frequencies in the future of music. Featuring two tracks from his new album, Sense of a Drop, this episode is packed full of beautiful tunes and musical thought. Before and after the interview we examine the difference between the Sublime and the Beautiful and discuss how aesthetic theories can be applied to visionary art. We finish with a poem and a recording of some flute music played by your host.

More information on Capsula's music can be found on his Myspace page:

To purchase 'Sense of a Drop' and listen to some samples visit:

For more information on Beyond the Basin visit

Playlist: Boards of Canada - Music is Math; Capsula - The 9; Capsula - Mundi; Nujabes - Mystline

Podcast image supplied by Pete21