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Apr 28, 2010

In this episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we interview Bruce Rimmell, an artist whose work explores myth, Paleolithic cave art, archetypal imagery and much more. The conversation spelunks into ancient caves before jumping into hyperspace to talk about visionary states catalysed by migraines, images shared with Kalahari Bushmen, Goddess worship and much more. We also hear about the next episode of VAP, which is titled Dreams and Dreaming. The episode begins and ends with a request for listeners to send in their dreams for the episode, with a chance to win a copy of 'Beyond the Basin'. The episode ends with a discussion about partnership societies and how to defend a synergistic relationship with the planet.


You can see Bruce Rimmell's great art at


To find out more about 'Beyond the Basin', visit


Playlist; Ginger - Kepplehall; Xavier Rudd - Energy Song; Boards of Canada - The Beach at Redpoint