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May 26, 2010

In this episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we interview Anima, aka Ali Calderwood and Daniela Broder. We discuss their visionary music, delving deep into the creative process and finding Iquaros along the way. Shipibo shamanism and the nature of sound in the visionary experience are examined, as well as parallels between ceremony and performance. Soothing music fills this episode as we hear three of Anima's songs in the beginning, middle and end of the show. After the interview the host discusses some of the points raised as well as some general ideas about Ayahuasca and the nature of plant consciousness.

Playlist: Yoko Kanno - Farewell Blues; Anima - Crystaligned Dream; Bonobo - Sliver; Anima - Kingdom of the Stars; Bonobo - Nothing Owed; Anima - Awaken

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