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Apr 13, 2011

In this episode we interview Benji Vaughan, founding member of the ground-breaking band Younger Brother. The conversation tracks the band's progress from it's first album Flock of Bleeps, through their second (The Last Days of Gravity) and onto their brand new album Vaccine, which came out this month. We discuss Benji's artistic process, the relationship between the artist and their audience, the nature of creativity and the state of humanity. We also hear what's coming up on VAP, including an interview with Robert Venosa and a talk given by the host at the recent Breaking Convention conference in Kent University. Two new Younger Brother tracks and one classic provide the musical accompaniment to this very special episode of Visionary Artists Podcast.

Playlist: Nujabes - Mystline; Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon; Younger Brother - Train; Younger Brother - Crystalline

Visit Younger Brother's official site here - you can also buy Vaccine on iTunes or Amazon!

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