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Jan 25, 2011

In the 20th episode of Visionary Artists Podcast we interview Mark Henson. The conversation delves into eroticism and sexuality in his work, the future of major cities and much more. Before the interview we hear an update about what the host has been doing over the last couple of months and what's coming up in VAP, including the Beyond the Basin/Maps/Erowid initiative, information on the Breaking Conventions conference in Kent University this April, an upcoming interview with Robert Venosa and a couple of very special guests planned for later in the year. Music by Babe Ruth accompanies this first podcast of 2011.


Playlist: Nujabes- Kumumi; Babe Ruth - The Mexican

Visit to view Mark's spectacular work

Visit to find out more about my novel Beyond the Basin

Visit to register for the Breaking Convention Conference in Kent this April.