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About The Dopefiend

Oct 16, 2005

The dopefiend leads a double life. By day, he is a talented media professional with wide-ranging experience within the Media Industry and a keen eye for a story. By night he is a vociferous critic of the world's approach to drug legislation, a campaigner for the rights of Medical Cannabis users, and an outspoken commentator on Current Affairs.

"The double life that most Cannabis users live has always been an interesting concept to me," Remarks the dopefiend. "Because of the barrage of anti-Cannabis propaganda that has been spewed out over the years, the world's smokers have been forced into hiding. Doctors, lawyers and teachers are so terrified that their habit will wreck their career that they often promulgate the anti-Cannabis line themselves. I'm no different!"

The dopefiend has always had a strong interest in film, but it is the cinematic underground that he has chosen to concentrate on; "The internet is teeming with film reviews and lists of favourite films, but I wanted to do something different. Films like Dario Argento's "Suspiria" or Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" may have thriving fan communities out there, but the mainstream audience has never heard of them, and it should!"

Cannabis, according to the dopefiend, will be legal in the United Kingdom within ten years. "It's been a long, slow process, but I think some moves have been made over the past few years which seem to be steps along the right road. I know there's a lot more to do, but the pro-cannabis lobby has been growing stronger and more determined, and they're not going to let this one die."

The dopefiend believes his career puts him in an ideal position to create what he calls "an informative and entertaining read which gets the facts straight but pulls no punches". He speaks regularly with the world's foremost experts, commentators, campaigners and politicans on a variety of current issues. He also has access to news wires and factual content from around the globe, keeping him abreast of world matters.

The dopefiend believes his weekly Dopecast is unique and important. "There really is nothing quite like it on the web; there are other Cannabis podcasts, of course, but they're either too straight or too light. The Dopecast strikes an important balance between the two; it reports the news, but there's a bit of humour and music thrown in." And there've even been some outside broadcasts, with more to come: "The shows we recorded in Amsterdam were great fun, and something I always wanted to do. We'll definitely be heading back there soon, and I've got some great interviews lined up when we do".

fifteen and a half years ago

very interesting! but i\'m still curious to see a pic(although i do undersatnd why u don\'t post one LOL)!!

sixteen and a half years ago

I will always\\\'s remember the day I discovered the DF, sometimes fortune does smile on me.Thanks DF!