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Apr 4, 2021

On this week's Dopefiend Quarantined the Dopefiend is joined by Scoobysnakks, Scottobaggins and Green Lady, TeenagePie and Mrs Mole, J Hobbes, Hudsonrulez, The Vaporist, Syconot and the Gremlin of Ganja who are talking about the dreaded curse of anti-vaxxers, how the Dopetribe handle encounters with these characters, how social media encourages these kinds of outlooks, and can even encourage us to generate false personalities based on likes and shares, the phenomenon of "research", how antivaxxer ideas are linked to conspiracy theories like QAnon and climate change denial, and also to the concept of cannabis as a cancer remedy, whether there is any truth to it, how the profit and greed involved in medicine can lead a lot of cannabis users to be suspicious, and whether distrust of authority is a trait that particularly effects cannabis users, and whether social media can be used to re-educate people. We also squeeze in a bit of chat about the new £5 per gram medical flower available to patients in the UK, and the profit-motivated waters that patients have to navigate in this private environment, as well as some encouraging news for cannabis patients travelling to Thailand, and also for patients taking domestic flights around the UK, all discovered by redditors at r/ukmedicalcannabis, as well as the good news on New York's new legal cannabis law, which again raises the question of when the US decriminalises cannabis at the federal level, something that seems all the more unlikely when the Biden administration has just fired five staffers who admitted to use of legal cannabis. Meanwhile Michigan legalizes psychedelics- a welcome reminder of just how far we've come just as Amsterdam yet again winds up the old wietpas chesnut- so what will be the next big new cannabis destination? Las Vegas? Ibiza? And how will this brave new cannabis planet get around the emissions and carbon footprint of cannabis horticulture. Join us next Sunday for another Dopefiend Quarantined! Email, tweet @dopefiend and join us in Instagram @dopefiendquarantined