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Mar 28, 2021

Back for another Dopefiend Quarantined as we count down the weeks to our 420 special, the Dopefiend is joined this week by The Vaporist, Hudsonrulez, BB, Syconot, Scotto Baggins and Green Lady, MangledMe, TeenagePie and Mrs Mole, Jade HempressRising, Lorenzo Hagerty and Jade HempressRising to talk about the recent reductions in prices of medical cannabis in the UK, with one flower now available at only £5 per gram and suggestions of similar prices across the board, how this compares to other medical markets in Canada and Australia, the various medical cannabis ID cards currently available in the UK and whether the many options are muddying the waters, whether UK medical cannabis patients are permitted to drive while using their prescribed cannabis medicine, whether legalization has prevented the police fucking people over in California, the public image of the police in the UK following the murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer and the heavy handed policing of the subsequent peaceful protests, coupled with the threats of extremely tight restrictions on the right to protest. Jade HempressRising also raises the issue of tight restrictions coming in against CBD products and edibles, leading to some talk about creeping authoritarianism in the UK, and some talk about the new documentary Can't Get You Out of My Head by Adam Curtis. Apologies for the audio drop-outs in this episode!