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Jul 26, 2012

Dopestock 2012 "The B Sides!"

This month we take another look at Dopestock 2012 - "the B Sides!"

We'll be bringing you more clips from Dopestock including EsseB & Komrade Komura who share their experiences of the infamous Ed Borg bong and EsseB makes sure everyone has enough tea! Despite losing my voice, I croak on through as we check in with Dopestock veteran High007 before having a chat with Nexus about the very well-behaved Dopetribe and plans to trip with the Dopetribe on some fresh truffles, called "Mushrocks". If you've tried these, send us an email and let me know!
As always, ZenRhin0 and I have hand-picked a great selection of toons and comedy for you so download the show, pack your vapes, roll your joints and stoke ya bongs as we dive into episode 59 of BB's Bungalow on the podcast network!

Big thanks to ZenRhin0 for helping me produce this show and to our resident artist PipBoy for the podcast artwork! Also thank you to Lunacee for sending in some great music tracks too.

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I'll be back once again on the last Thursday of every month. Until then, thank you for chilling out with me at BB's Bungalow on the podcast network.

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"Mushrocks" truffles

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P l a y l i s t  ::  Pursuit of Happiness - Lissie; Comedy from Michael Ian Black - RISK!; Choof Choof Train - Bliss n Esso; Nobody's Home and Shuffle Heads Roll Call (Asad Rizvi's Silverlining Mix) - Ulrich Schnauss; We Will Be Heard - Purpose; Happy Cycling - Boards of Canada.


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