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Jan 31, 2013

BB's Bungalow 65: New Year's Vape Sesh featuring music by Thesis

For our first show for 2013 we'll be joining OzTribers, both old and new, at a New Year's Sesh at the Bungalow on a hot, hot, hot summer day. Bleak & Dave give us a vape demo on the MFLB and Arizer Solo. Matt from the Victorian Branch of the Australian HEMP Party takes Bleak's Herbariser vape with custom bubbler for a test drive.

This month's feature artist is Australian music producer Thesis.

Find out more and listen to more music from Thesis at:

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Playlist ::  Tha Weed Song - Pineapple Express, Revival - Thesis, Pot Justice - unknown, Proud to be a Stoner - Kottonmouth Kings, Two Fingers - Jake Bugg, Melbourne City - GMC ft. Pjay Canuto, Grudge (vocal mix) - Thesis, Confusion ft. Susanna Sonderen.