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May 31, 2012

BB's Bungalow #57 - Aboard the Dopestock 2012 Canal Cruise

On episode 57 of BB's Bungalow we'll be hearing clips from the Dopestock 2012 boat cruise in Amsterdam.

BB has just got back after spending almost 3 weeks in the northern hemisphere, visiting Dubai, Barcelona and parts of the UK including Manchester and the beautiful Derbyshire & York. And of course - Amsterdam, almost 11,000 miles away itself.

Over the next few shows at the Bungalow, we'll be bringing you clips from the crazy few days spent meeting one another and sampling the countless strains of weed with fellow Dopetribers all over Amsterdam.

In this month's Bungalow I bring you audio from the Dopestock cruise featuring chats with  a whole cast of Dopetribers including Bushmiller about legalisation and the Australian dope scene, a red-eyed EsseB, chirpy Christine and a nostalgic Kush King before discussing with ProfessorVape just "who walked who" home the night before and his enjoyment of the Turkish Bard's music from Brisbane. We also chat to EzyWhip about his aspirations to stay in the 'Dam even if it involves copying a certain Amsterdam busker and I also offer EzyWhip some stoner tourist advice.

Later on we'll be joined by the one and only Ed Borg from Delta 9 labs to check out his custom made glass bong that left a string of casualties at the back of the boat and Ed's dreams for a 'conga line' of dope boats before I whip out the Solo for a quick test drive with one of Ed's very own strains, Canna Sutra.

If you'd like to send in an email about anything you hear this episode, or to send in some music, then simply drop me a line or via Twitter at Blackbeauty.

Stay tuned next month for episode 58 to hear from more of our fellow Dopetribers at the Dopestock 420 event! Remember BB's Bungalow is available for free download along with the other great podcasts available on the network.

Merry Jane - Redman Ft Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg

Samuel L Jackson on 'Hulk weed'

Waimea Park - Omyiga

Logos + Santo Domingo - Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Backatown - Trombone Shorty

Legalize Everything - White Wong Ft.J-Grubbs, Sneak Official and Big Dave

Merry Jane - Redman Ft Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg; Comedy Clip: Samuel L Jackson on 'Hulk weed'; Waimea Park - Omyiga; Comedy Clip: Homer gets prescribed medical marijuana; Logos & Santo Domingo - Rodrigo Y Gabriela; Backatown - Trombone Shorty; Legalize Everything - White Wong Ft.J-Grubbs, Sneak Official and Big Dave.

Podcast artwork thanks to PipBoy.

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