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Jun 28, 2012

BB's Bungalow #58: Dopestock 420 celebrations at the Cannabis College, Amsterdam.
While some of the Dopetribe attended the Cannabis protest march despite the rain and cold on 4/20/2012, some of us decided to kick back "420 style" with some tea and spiffs and I decided to follow suit - a protest isn't much fun if you can't yell :)
This show we'll hear from a whole raft of Dopetribers including Christine who gives us a report on the versatility of hemp before succumbing to the crowd favourite, some super silver haze.
We'll then join the Kush King as we sample some Kushadelic from the Bluebird and chat about the rolling competition at the Dopestock 420 evening celebrations at the Dolphin coffeeshop.
Next, we'll check-in with Weeshug and Danny Green Fingers and after that you'll overhear me trying to get some inside information from the judges of the joint rolling competition EsseB and JayK, as they tell us about their tough responsibilities at Dopestock.
We've also got some comedy from the TV series Workaholics, clips about the legalisation of medical cannabis in Australia and the 20th Annual Mardi Grass protest event in Nimbin, held the weekend after Dopestock. Plus of course, a great selection of hand-picked toons!
Thank you to ZenRhin0 for the production help and to PipBoy for the podcast artwork.

The Cannabis College, Amsterdam

Won't Back Down - Legalisation of Medical Cannabis in Australia
20th Annual Mardi Grass protest event in Nimbin
Chronic Connoisseur by Drizzy Dro, Krymson Wyte & Warren B (produced by Esse-B)

Playlist: *coming!*

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