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Mar 27, 2008

BB's Bungalow - Episode 7 OUT NOW

As always, sit back and chill out with a great mix of music including lots of tracks that you guys have sent in as well as some unique Aussie comedy!

In this pre-Dopestock episode, we hear listener's emails and voicemails as well as a special message from HermitGirl to QueerNinja.

In Episode 7 of BB's Bungalow, we will also be joined by listeners from across the globe for some stoner chat and lots of laughs at the Bungalow with fave listeners and Virtual Vapour Lounge regulars: Xochipilli, Keplin and Larz as we discuss everything from police run-ins and vapourisers to the brave things we do when travelling, Amsterdam and what to expect at Dopestock plus, straight from the horse's (ahem?) mouth - the true pronunciation of Xochipilli!  Join in on our sesh and you're guaranteed to have a hoot!

Double Doc also returns to answer your medical-related questions concerning certain anti-depressant medications like Lexapro and their interactions with marijuana.  Continue sending in your questions to the Doc by sending them to or by posting them on the 'What's Up Double Doc' thread on the forums:

Remember to email or leave a voicemail on Skype for the Bungalow on BlackBeauty1977.  We love hearing from you guys with your praise, feedback, live trips or cool tracks that you'd like to hear on the show, so get on and email them in to

Also, special thanks to forum regular pete21 for putting together this episode's Podcast artwork.  Check out more of his amazing work in the 'High art' thread here:

Now - download, sit back and relax!  And remember to chill out with a new BB's Bungalow on the last Thursday of each and every month, from your favourite 'girl-wonder down-under'!

P l a y l i s t :  I'm Gonna Take You There - Dave Berry; Comedy Clip from Carl Barron - Thong; Willie Jack Haze - Killin' Time Band; Polite Dance Song - The Bird & The Bee; Pussy - Brazilian Girls; Joyful Sound - String Cheese Incident; Pothead Pixies - Gong; Karma Police - Radiohead; Gonna Git High - Kottonmouth Kings; Comedy Clip from Austen Tayshus - Australiana; Crop Circles - Crash Palace.

over sixteen years ago

living up.

over sixteen years ago

Thanks Podders - very\'s in my heart and soul.

over sixteen years ago

Awesome show, BB. Especially digging the conversations and music in this episode - brilliant stuff.

Keep up the great work!