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Jun 26, 2008

BB's Bungalow - Episode 10 OUT NOW
Dopestock Vondelpark Mushroom Trip Special!

Join us on Episode 10 of BB's Bungalow for the much-awaited, psychedelic Dopestock edition.  Plug-in and  kick back, as we are transported to the day of the mushroom trip in Amsterdam, the day after '420'.  That would be '421'. 

Complimented with classic tripping music and psychedelic tracks, settle in as we prepare with MaxFreakout and Star at the Dolphins Coffeeshop, Amsterdam.  We're then joined by Larz133 as he shares with us his pedal taxi treck to join the group at Vondelpark.  Star then takes us on a reflective journey into his own unique experience of the Dopestock mushroom trip.  We'll also check in briefly with DoubleDoc, just as the mushrooms start to work their magic....

Also this month, the Bungalow features a hand-picked selection of trip-a-licious music, as suggested by listeners and we've even stirred in some great comedy!!  So fire up your vapourisers, pack the bong and backroll a spliff as you sit back and join us on our mushroom adventures.

Big thanks to Pete21 for his guest-programming and for putting together this episode's Podcast artwork!!

Remember to email or leave a voicemail for free on Skype on BlackBeauty1977.  We love hearing from you guys with your trip reports, comments and music that you want to hear on the Bungalow.

Bass Solo Of Golden Brown:
David Seume: 
Prince Of Parties:

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P l a y l i s t :  Fresh Garbage - The Spirit; Painting Box - Incredible String Band; Bass Solo of Golden Brown - andersdmoney (youtube link above); Time Has Come Today - The Chambers Brothers; Comedy Clip: Drugs - Dave Chappelle; Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles; My White Bicycle - Tomorrow; Itchycoo Park - Small Faces; Donovan - Wear Your Heart Like Heaven; Crazy Miranda - Jefferson Airplane; Mutant Genius - Gorillaz vs Spacemonkeyz; Comedy Clip: Prince of Parties - Flight of the Conchords; Welcome Home, Son - Radical Face.