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Jul 29, 2010

Get into some Japanese ganja tunes at the Bungalow!

It’s been another packed month and we've been extremely lucky to be treated to a visit from Tirkite Toker for this month’s special feature on Japanese world music, including a guest interview and performance with Volcano Angel!  We also have a playlist of great toking music sent in by you guys, plus comedy and some interesting news items which I think everyone will enjoy…so download, sit back and chill out at BB’s Bungalow...

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David Rovic

World Music thread hosted by Tirikite Toker <- post your requests here!

Pot Activists Trying to Enlist Moms

Medical marijuana for ADD and it's good for kids

Boy & Bear

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P l a y l i s t :  Marijuana - Dubnamite; Little Green Bag - George Baker Selection; News Clip: excerpt from Interview with Andrew Napolitano; Clip from Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story; Cannabis Cafe - David Rovics; The Lowest Pair - John Hartford; Illegal Smile - John Prine; Henry - New Riders Of The Purple Sage; News Clip: excerpt from Interview with Gary Johnson on the Colbert Show; Tirikite Toker's World Music Playlist (below); News Clip: Pot Activists Trying to Enlist Moms; News Clip: Medical Marijuana for ADD and it's good for kids!; Giddy Up - Katchafire; The Storm - Boy and Bear.

T i r i k i t e  T o k e r ' s  W o r l d  M u s i c  P l a y l i s t :
Go Dan no Shirabe (traditional koto) - Inspiration (Japan)
Volcano Angel with Tirikite Toker (Live at BB's Bungalow) - Ya Devi
Maya Muga Moeran - 77.7bpm 6 beat - Tunes for Cats & Dogs

Think Tank - The T.H.C / The Lefty

Audio Active - "Free the Marijuana" featuring Bim Sherman

Ryukyu Underground - Agarijo

Gather your sesh buddies for a vape out or smoke out at BB's Bungalow and remember you can join me on the last Thursday of every month for a new episode of the Bungalow on