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Jun 7, 2020

Back every Sunday with a new multi-stoner zoom call that we call Dopefiend Quarantined, where Dopefiend is joined by Sancho Blacklight outside Chicago, Scoobysnakks, Scotto Baggins and Green Lady in the london area, Teenage Pie and Mrs Mole in Halmstead, Syconot in California and J Hobbes in Warsaw for a vape or a toke and a chat about the current Black Lives Matter protests raging around the world, the issue of racism and police brutality generally, riots and the psychology behind them, privilege and white privilege, and the question of inclusivity in the overwhelmingly white DopeTribe, as well as side tangents on David Icke, cave raves, a potential DopeTribe tour bus tour and Dopefiend's continued UK Medical Cannabis experience.

For Black Lives Matter resources, donation links and ways to help, please see this list by @botanicaldyke