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Jan 21, 2013

On the first edition of The Cannabulletin with Homer the Stoner:
Will Self and Peter Hitchens had a little bit of a ding dong on Question time just before xmass 2012.

Peter Hitchens accused Will Self of 'propaganda' (otherwise known as 'the truth' to you and me) and in the end, Hitchens threw himself onto the Question Time hall floor and started banging his little hands and feet on the linolium and screaming until Dimbleby went over, picked him up and smacked his bum!
Mr Hitchens, who was once the lead singer of Earth, Wind and Fire and who was also the 7th man on the moon, got his revenge a few days later by writing more rubbish on The Mail online site.
To be honest, I had barely read a few lines of his caustic crap before I felt the urge to cut myself!
Feel free to soil your eyes if you wish.
There's only so much I'll do for the tribe...

Apparently the deputy PM is 'dumb' for wanting to decriminalise people, regulate potentially harmful substances and vastly improve the drug issue.
Al Capone was born in the wrong era to the wrong busines it would seem, as he would be making an absolute friggin fortune if he were around today!
And that would be partly thanks to the likes of Peter Hitchens (spit!), Kathy Gyngall (spit!), and Melanie Phillips (double spit!), to name but a few.
Looks like the whole worlds getting dumb then, as we are one of the last remaining countries that still feels the need to prosecute people for what they put into their own bodies or how they choose to alter their own conscious mind, something Mr Clegg wants to change.

Enough of the negative stories for the minute.
Let's all just be happy to hear that Six year old Jayden David is doing much better thanks to high CBD medical Cannabis and the love and care of his father Jason.He suffers from Dravet's syndrome, a rare form of childhood epilepsy.Thanks to medical Cannabis, he has managed to reduce his medication from 22 tablets a day, to only 1 1/2 a day and is doing much better now!

And that's not the only good news...
Worried that your teenage son or daughter is using Cannabis?
Well don't be too worried.
The latest scientific research shows that you should be more concerned about your teeny monsters experimentation with the hootch, rather than any dabblings with the boogie bush.
But what do they know?!
Silly scientific persons!

And speaking of silly person's, don't the BBC know the difference between 100% Cannabis and a 15mg tablet of THC?
Now I'm willing to apologise and say I got this wrong, but isn't medicating with herbal Cannabis (herb or tincture) quite a bit different than taking a pure (synthetic?) THC pill?
Being as I've never had pure THC in pill form before, I couldn't really say.
One thing is certain though, even if the pill was real, pure, natural THC, without it's friendly, non-psychoactive brother-CBD, the pain reduction experience for the user will be different.

At least germany won't have to worry about pills...

In other news, no matter which way you twist it, the herb is here to stay!
At least it is in Americaland...

While back here in blighty, a so called activist from the Clear organisation (Cannabis Law Reform party), is too busy trying to get the wife of another activist into trouble with her employer, for her husband daring to call into question the mighty word of their glorious leader, Peter Reynolds!
It's really a bad day for us all when the division is so bad that you'd even consider shopping a non-cannabis using wife, to her employer, because her husband is an activist and has a difference of opinion.
Is 'Maharg' Graham Smith an innocent and misunderstood individual?
Or a grotesque glove puppet of Peter Reynolds!?

And finally, if the Prime Minister, David 'Puff' Cameron, won't listen to anyone else when it comes to the overdue reform of our drug laws, should we urge our own military to enact a coup and remove the bugger!?

My choice for replacement?
Why Mr Howard Marks of course!

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