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Apr 15, 2013

It may be old news by now, but it's worth repeating:




It's not just Westminister that enjoys a pint or two (of Gin) while on the job!


If I could type a middle finger, defiantly pointing straight up, with the message 'Sniff this!' right now, I would!

But I can't, so I'll just say 'how very dare you!' to Crimestoppers instead!

United Nations Development Program Chief Helen Clark believes that drug criminalisation creates more problems than it solves.

She was sluring her speech quite badly when she said it though and lolling her head from side to side!

She may have been pissed...:/

(Disclaimer:She may not have been pissed)

I bet this particular Judge really wanted to be a teacher when he was younger:(

That's no excuse though for treating a grown man like a child for possesing a plant that is safer recreationally than alcohol and more medically significant than most over the counter medicines!

Cannabis tourism company takes flight in Colorado!

Cannabis takes off on Wall Street!

Cannabis users across France take a high-risk step by registering “Cannabis social clubs” with local authorities as official non-profit organizations!

Farid Ghehioueche, from the group ‘Cannabis sans frontières’ (Cannabis without borders) said 

“We want to remove the sword of Damocles from over our heads, and demand recognition from the public authorities,”

Be careful what you wish for mate...:/

Uses for Cannabis.


Uses for Cannabis.


To be fair, I think some agencies have been paying off informants with drugs since they were made illegal!

Nothing new.

Sleight of hand reporting.


What the f**k are they trying to blame weed for now?!

Deleted article about sleight of hand reporting.


Ha!  Busted!

The rebuttal to sleight of hand reporting.


Caution, may contain facts that small minded adults might choke on!

This is almost becoming like an Eastenders storyline!

I hate Eastenders!!!

This story moves fast so try and keep up!

Dedicated to all us mendacious 'Troll's, Liars, Haters and GOSSIP GANGSTERS'!

For your CLEAR needs:)

It's not just beer statue of the Little Mermaid you can go to Copenhagen for!

Soon there may be ganja!!!

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Have a happy and safe 420!

Psychotropically yours.