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Jan 27, 2011

Tune in to this month’s BB’s Bungalow ep 41 hosted by ioliteknight . For our DMT the spirit molecule special. Ioliteknight catches up with Mitch Shulz at the premier of DMT the spirit molecule movie. Then Mitch joins ioliteknight and Rak Razam for a chat in the bowels of Entheogenesis Australis, Where mitch shares his inspiration behind the movie and the three of us ponder the meaning of life in the entheogenic tribal awakening.
We touch base on the new proposed legislation changes within the drug laws of Australia and the environmental carnage that looms if this passes.
Tirikite toker tells of his experience in the great floods of Australia.
We have some great music featuring the band Omnia of the Pagan tribe.
so let’s get those spliffs sparked and vapes ignited as you join ioliteknight as we run the gauntlet.
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Get up have your say against the new proposed changes to Australian drug laws.

Show credits:
Podcast artwork thanks to pipboy and Alex grey.
Special thanks to this months guests Rak razam.
Mitch Shultz
and Entheogenesis Australis for bringing the 3 of us together.
Tirkite toker

Play list:
Extra special thanks to Jenny and Steve Sic of Omnia for permission to use their wonderful music in the show and I look forward to having a chat soon.
Intro music -Dance until we die –Omnia Wake up-Omnia Love in the forest-Omnia
Jonathan Goldman chakra chants.
Shpongle featuring Benji The god particle.
A new way to say hooray
Global heart by Miten
Hymn to her and psychoactive summer by Def FX
Helios ( who you can find on the grow report forum and twitter)for his wonderful Icaros

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