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Dec 20, 2010

On the first of a brand new series of DopeTribe Dispatches for this holiday season Scoobysnakks kicks off the festive fun with a creative look back at the work of the Dopefiend this year as he presents some outrageous audio to the DopeTribe. Next, Samwise combines yoga with our sacred herb and talks about how they compliment each other, and how the mind can influence your situation in the real world. Dopecast regular Christine submits audio from the NORML conference in Portland Oregon of Dr. Dustin Sulak talking about various studies into the effects of cannabis use and his work in healing oriented therapies which include cannabis use. Next, DopeTribe vaporizer expert Hudsonrulez presents his holiday vaporizer buying guide, and a stark naked Kinguq  fires up his iolite and welcomes the DopeTribe into his sauna where he talks about the origin of saunas, how he became familiar with them when living in arctic Norway, and how the sauna's history is linked with cannabis use. Mangled Meditations' Me introduces a pair of festive stories from Jean Shepherd and DopeTribe Dispatches favourite Pepe, and finally Grandma Nan presents her stony version of the 12 Days of Christmas.

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