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Dec 19, 2011

On the first of five glittering new episodes of the incredible DopeTribe Dispatches, DopeTribers from around the world join forces to produce all-new entertainment for the Christmas and New Year period. First, Dopetribe favourite the 2 zillion year old hippie returns with his trusty sidekick synthia for a true accomplishment is DopeTribe Dispatches, in which he fulfills every single one of the Dispatches criteria! Next, Dreckly gets the DopeTribe into a festive mood and tells a Stoner Christmas Tale starring our heroines Mary and Jane, villains Scrooge, Nixon and Murdoch, and cameos from a glittering cast of special guests! Then, leejon420 describes part one of his  cannabis career, including all-weather stoning, the dreaded soap bar, and how, in the face of conflict  and  depression, he gave up cannabis temporarily in order to get his life on track. Dopecast regular Floydhead takes us along  with himself, teenage pie, and taozer on a recent LSD trip in the north of England, and finally, Xina shows her appreciation for the Dopefiend podcasters with a dispatch in which she explores the dream world and how her cannabis use affects her dream life, talks about whether we can change our DNA, and how the law of attraction may be behind the Dopefiend's broken Cloud Hydratube!

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Podcast image created by the legendary pete21