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Jan 16, 2012

On the last of the current series of DopeTribe Dispatches shows, Rhin0 presents a melon-twisting and mangled creative Dispatch which begins with the Dopefiend reading his previous email to the Dopecast about an intense cannabis experience, goes on to feature psychedelic bard Terence McKenna, and a sneaky homegrown toke from Rhin0 himself, all centred around the theme of Glossolalia. Next, Taboosoundz returns to talk about his life as a stoner in Milton Keynes, aka "Shit City", and his aim to relocate to the DopeTribe's mecca, Amsterdam. Cannaya shares his thoughts about what cannabis legalisation might look like in the real world, and whether the legalisation movement can take a leaf out of the book of the Occupy movement, and finally, after a swift vape, TeenagePie takes the Egg and the DopeTribe shroom hunting, and also talks about how to spot liberty caps, and what perils to be aware of as a shroom hunter. The Dopecast returns with the special 300th episode next Monday!

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Podcast image created by the legendary pete21