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Dec 17, 2012 presents a brand new season of awesome DopeTribe Dispatches shows, with DopeTribers from around the world submitting Dispatches to suit every mood over the festive season! In this week's first show, Boulder, Colorado DopeTriber cottonwood Joe takes a UFO sighting as a good omen and brings the DopeTribe along with him on a colourful and thoughtful outdoor stargazing mushroom trip, which leads him on an introspective journey on which he considers the importance of mindfulness, love of oneself, appreciation for our existence, and communes with a higher intelligence. Next, Look1 introduces his voice to the DopeTribe, and ruminates on the struggle between order and rebellion, and how this applies to the psychology underlying cannabis culture, before going on to talk about the energy within cannabis, why humans can't seem to come to a consensus about it, and whether our own intention shapes the cannabis experience. Next, Delta9 presents the first of his offerings to this year's run of DopeTribe Dispatches to let us in on a cab ride in which he talks with the cabbie about sneaking weed into festivals, getting busted, vaporizers, and Korean barbecue. After our annual missive from the 2 Zillion Year Old Hippie, in which he discusses the cannabis law situation in the USA, we end with former dispatches superstars snakey and jammin, as they return to the scene of their previous crime and head for the hills for an incredible mushroom-picking, tea brewing and mountain goat tripping expedition!

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