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Dec 24, 2012

On the second of three shiny new DopeTribe Dispatches specials this holiday season, we open with Ben, a new Zealand DopeTriber who brings us a dispatch from Japan, in which he talks about the risks and costs surrounding cannabis use in the land of the rising Sun, where children are indoctrinated into a fear of cannabis users from an early age, which have led him to abstain from the herb until he returns to his homeland. Next Dopestock 2012 survivor Eyeway talks about his friends Peter and Hardeep who opened his eyes to different spiritual philosophies, a mindful way of experiencing altered states of consciousness, and describes an intense ritualized acid trip they shared, before the fabled summer of love led them in their separate ways, leading Eyeway as far afield as Colorado and India. Then,  Clackbok talks about the importance of stepping out of our comfort zone in order to reach the ultimate goal of true legalisation and acceptance of our secret sacrament, as well as his feelings surrounding the vote for decriminalization in his native Grand Rapids, Michigan, and why he believes no drug is inherently dangerous. Finally in his second dispatch this year, delta9 fires up the vaporizer and initiates some friends into the world of DMT vapour bags for the DopeTribe's listening pleasure!

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