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Dec 25, 2011

On this year's much anticipated return of the Twelve Strains of Christmas, we join the Dopefiend together with the Gremlin of Ganja, Cheezetheday, Blank Steve, Max Freakout, Squidgy Sid, The Toker, Scottobaggins and Green Lady as they get stuck into an incredible range of festive varieties of gourmet ganja, kicking things off with one of eight strains submitted by DopeCave Cup 2011 winner Yosser Hughes, Pink Rhino, which goes down beautifully in the brand new Cloud Vaporizer. Taking a look back over the last twelve months in the universe, the Dopefiend and gathered tribers discuss the ongoing saga of Floydhead, who has sworn off all drugs, before firing up the WISPR portable vaporizer with some of Blank Steve's famed Iced Grapefruit, and going on to talk about using cannabis as a remedy for insomnia, the incredible stunt pulled by the Gremlin of Ganja in the run-up to his big reveal at Dopestock, and the DopeTribe's love of Volcano Bag Hot Chocolate. Tucking into some of Yosser Hughes's Royal Haze in the Cloud vaporizer, the Dopefiend welcomes The Toker into the Christmas Day festivities, before giving a special mention to the introduction of DopeTribe Live to the network by Scoobysnakks. After a quick chat about this year's launch of the Global Commision on Drug Policy and whether it will actually result in any tangible changes in drug policy, leading to a mention for the TV series Weed Wars, the Dopefiend passes some fresh Sour Kush to the Gremlin of Ganja, almost decking him, and also fires up some Chinese Cheese in the Volcano Digit and some Pink Diesel "Dry Parsley" in the WISPR. Next, the DopeTribe talk about how difficult it is to buy bulk amounts of cannabis in the UK, but how good value deals are still to be found if you look hard enough, before adding a bit of Blank Steve's Northern Lights into the mix and going on to talk about how this year saw the transition from the Legalise Cannabis Alliance to CLEAR in the UK legalisation movement. Following a festive musical interlude, the Dopefiend loads up the WISPR with AK47 and the Cloud with some Shark No.2, before dispatching The Toker to load up the Volcano with some Pink Diesel "Fruity" and talking about how this year saw the Obama administration's U-Turn concerning medical dispensaries in California, and also how similar moves seem afoot in the Netherlands, to which Cheezetheday testifies, prompting Max Freakout to talk about how the Netherlands has always been home to an internal conflict concerning their liberal approach to drugs. Loading the DopeCave Cup winner Yosser Hughes' Cheese into The Cloud vaporizer, the DopeTribe reminisce about the DopeCave Cup itself, and this year's launch of the WISPR vaporizer which quickly became a firm favourite among fans of portable vaporization, before welcoming Scottobaggins and Green Lady and their White Rhino into the Dope Den for some Christmas Day stoning, both of whom love the Cloud vaporizer, but also showcase their own Silver Surfer by loading it up with some White Rhino. Now considerably stoned, but holding up well, the gathered DopeTribers discuss the recent announcement by the Dutch government that they intend to ban high-strength cannabis from sale in coffeeshops and the new trend of middle-class homeowners leasing out rooms to cannabis grow operations. Finally, after revisiting the subject of how cannabis use affects dreaming and The Toker's theory about how dream inhibition could be the cause of cannabis-related psychosis, the Dopefiend talks with Cheezetheday, Max Freakout and Blank Steve about the recent arrival of the Cloud Vaporizer at the Dope Den, and then goes on to take a hit of the twelfth strain on the menu today, the White Rhino using the Silver Surfer before recapping this year's Twelve Strains of Christmas, the gathered DopeTribers head off to their respective families for an enormous Christmas Dinner munchfest! Don't miss more incredible DopeTribe Dispatches over the next four Mondays, before the Dopefiend returns for the 300th Dopecast on January 23rd. Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Podcast Image: The Twelve Strains of Christmas adorn the Dope Den Christmas Tree. Submit your pics here: or via twitter @dopefiend

Playlist: Mahalia Jackson - Silent Night (46bliss Remix); Honey Boy - Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells; Lloyd Seivright - Mary's Boy Child; Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Winter Wonderland Reggae; Joe Williams - Jingle Bells (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix); the Cimarons - Silent Night and White Christmas; Håkan Lidbo - Christmas in Utopia; Byron Lee and the Dragonaires - Silver Bells; Red State Update - Vaporizer for Christmas; Winston Groovy - Merry Christmas; Tennesse Brown and the Silvertones - Jingle Bells; Nikashra - Joy to the World; Jacob Miller - Wish You A Merry Christmas; The Aggrovators - Christmas Medley