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Feb 25, 2008

On the Dopecast this week, The Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator, the Dopefiend, starts out by giving a big shout out to the excellent Psychedelic Salon Podcast, which has just started podcasting a huge archive of Timothy Leary, talks about the beautiful island of Ibiza, with a scene-report by show sponsor Bear, the importance of supporting your local headshop, why our forums are so much friendlier than most, whether it can really be true that vaporizing Cannabis can boost your immune system, how Americans are treated in Amsterdam, and how best to ingratiate yourself with the locals, how to go about tripping in the Capital City of Cannabis, and whether it's possible to find LSD there, whether legalization actually reduces levels of youth Cannabis use, Zeke drops us a word or two about the thriving Virtual VaporLounge, prompting the Dopefiend to give a mention about the immense Dopestock 2008 and the Dopestock Cup, both taking place in Amsterdam this April 20th, then sahsay gently into the real-life VaporLounge to talk about the origins of the G-13 strain and sample its vapour, followed by some Volcano support from Caveman, as well as some chat about the schizophrenic legal system in the USA and why the state government and the feds are locking horns, the high price of the California compassion clubs and the reason behind it and how to get a good high from baked goods, as well as some support for Ron Paul and a rebuttal of Cannaya's criticism of Ron Paul by Head Space, leading to the Dopefiend's opinion of conspiracy theories and the "New World Order", Cannabis Kracker backs up Gooey Rabinski's recommendation of Rohto V eye drops for red-eye, some support for the anti-Ron Paul view, some love for Druidude, and a question about how to salvage herb-dust caught in one's stash-box, and a question from NinjaNoel about the use of the term "Skunk" in the British media, whether the police test the strength of the Cannabis they impound, and whether it's acceptable to strike up a conversation with stoners encountered in public places. Druidude kicks off the Cannabis News with audio from UK pro-legalization police chief Richard Brunstrom and Graham hancock, author of Supernatural, then the Dopefiend brings news that MS sufferers could lose some cognitive ability through medicinal use of Cannabis, the MP who wants a crackdown on the south-of-England Cannabis Cafe that's escaped closure by the police, the harsh sentencing meted out to DJ Grooverider for "smuggling" of a couple of joints' worth of ganja, and the fantastic news that the American College of Physicians are in favour of legalizing medical Cannabis. Email your comments, questions and suggestions to, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Druidude's Graham Hancock audio comes from this series:

For more on the persecution fo the terminally ill Montana Cannabis patient go here:

Playlist: Jim Ryan - Acadia Café  – Mpls  MN; Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra - Latin Fever; The Lady Tigra - Switchblade Kitty; Note - Bullseye; Breez Evahflowin and Dirt E. Dutch - Don't Be Afraid (album); Al Kapone - Poppin Tags (street mix); Twelve Girls Band - Ruten; Lupe Fiasco - Paris, Tokyo; Edi Fitzroy - Work On Mr. Farmer; Spike Wilner - Reflections In D; Rent Romus - Party in Room 614A (M.Y.O.B.); Suzanne Teng, Gilbert Levy, Mystic Journey - Sierra; Medwyn Goodall & Scott Jasper - Love Set Me Free; Timeline - Fractions; Causion - Broken Wings

Jim Ryan
"Acadia Café – Mpls MN" (mp3)
from "The Ghost Dog Tour"
(Edgetone Records)
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Bruce Eskovitz Jazz Orchestra
"Latin Fever" (mp3)
from "Invitation"
(Pacific Coast Jazz)
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The Lady Tigra
"Switchblade Kitty" (mp3)
from "Please Mr. BoomBox"
(High Score Records)
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"Bullseye" (mp3)
from "It's Always Sunny In Cleveland"
(Dark City Records)
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Breez Evahflowin and Dirt E. Dutch
"Don't Be Afraid" (mp3)
from "Troublemakers"
(Little Ax, LLC.)
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Al Kapone
"Poppin Tags" (mp3)
from "Poppin Tags EP"
(Diamond D Records)
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Twelve Girls Band
"Ruten" (mp3)
from "Romantic Energy"
(Domo Records)
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"Work On Mr. Farmer" (mp3)
from "First Class Citizen"
(King Step Recordings)
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Spike Wilner
"Reflections In D" (mp3)
from "Three To Go"
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Rent Romus
"Party in Room 614A (M.Y.O.B.)" (mp3)
from "Rent Romus' Lords of Outland, You can sleep when you're dead!"
(Edgetone Records)
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Suzanne Teng, Gilbert Levy, Mystic Journey
"Sierra" (mp3)
from "Miles Beyond"
(Autumn Light Productions)
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Medwyn Goodall & Scott Jasper
"Love Set Me Free" (mp3)
from "Tribal Nation"
(MG Music Ltd)
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"Fractions" (mp3)
from "Know Hope"
(F-IRE Recorded Music Ltd.)
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"Broken Wings" (mp3)
from "Stella's Kids"
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