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Mar 24, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, Cannabis Commentator the Dopefiend talks about his efforts to extract leftover cannabinoids from vapo-poop, and his current experiment with Cannabis cooking oil, how the Dopecast is creeping into the mainstream by appearing in iTunes' featured podcasts, the alternative ways of using a Volcano Vaporizer continue to surface, with a Vapo-Hookah design from Tirikite Toker, Kenzler recommends Auto Flowering Cannabis strains and home growing in general rather than relying on dealers, a story of a full-on whitey experienced by Starseed at his dealer's house, prompting a similar story from the Dopefiend, then the Dopefiend heads into the kitchen to check out his stewing vapo-poop concoction, before moving on to the VaporLounge and celebrating the return of sativas to his stashbox with a big fat bag of Jack Herer vapour and a story of a weed flashback and a homegrown listener song submission from Safron. After that, the Dopefiend returns with the story of Funky Marque's employment-enforced abstention from Cannabis and how it brought him back to baseline, followed by a tall tale from Crumb, before we hit the Sacred Oak for some commentary by Druidude on the War on Drugs and how it affects the average drug user, with particular focus on the UN's Office of Drug Control, and also news on how Spain is leaning towards legalization of Medical Cannabis. Back in the Dope Den, the Dopefiend expands on the issue of European cannabis law with a look at how the Czech Republic recently approved home medicinal Cannabis growing, followed by news of movement in the opposite direction in Alaska and even the Netherlands. Finally, the California stoner who went all-out on security for his home grow-op. Email your comments, questions and suggestions to, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Druidude's video of Mr Polak and Mr Costa is here:

Playlist: Timeline - ...for chango (part 1); Señor Flavio - Malito; Kooii - Beads On A String; Sawamit - Ghed Bana; Ananda Project, Joe Claussell - Let Love Fly (Joe Claussell's Sacred Rhythm LP Version); S. Sponji Living - Dehors Fanfarons; EDI FITZROY - Young Girl; Causion - Little Secrets; Kush Arora - Spread The Word; Sathima Bea Benjamin - Your Love Has Faded; Safron - I Like Life; Mikey Dread - Happy Family; Easy Star All-Stars - Bed Of Rose; Matana Roberts - Thrills; Denis DiBlasio Quintet - Where the Jade Buddha Lives
"...for chango" (mp3)
from "Méta Méta"
(F-IRE Recorded Music Ltd.)
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Señor Flavio
"Malito" (mp3)
from "Supersaund 2012"
(Nacional Records)
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"Beads On A String" (mp3)
from "Beads on a String"
(Sugar Rush - Sol Records)
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"Ghed Bana" (mp3)
from "Ezzehwaniat"
More On This Album

Ananda Project, Joe Claussell
"Let Love Fly" (mp3)
from "Night Blossom"
(King Street Sounds)
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First Class CitizenEDI FITZROY
"Young Girl" (mp3)
from "First Class Citizen"
(King Step Recordings)
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"Little Secrets" (mp3)
from "Stella's Kids"
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Kush Arora
"Spread The Word" (mp3)
from "From Brooklyn To SF"
(Kush Arora)
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Sathima Bea Benjamin
"Your Love Has Faded" (mp3)
from "A Morning In Paris"
(Ekapa RPM)
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Mikey Dread
"Happy Family" (mp3)
from "Happy Family"
(Dread at the Controls)
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Matana Roberts
"Thrills" (mp3)
from "The Chicago Project"
(Central Control)
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Denis DiBlasio Quintet
"Where the Jade Buddha Lives" (mp3)
from "Where the Jade Buddha Lives"
(Art of Life Records)
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