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Mar 31, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend kicks things of with some chat about this week's headline-grabbing BBC documentary "Should I Get Stoned?" and whether it will actually change any viewers' minds about Cannabis, then addresses the question of why there is a delayed high when using a vaporizer instead of smoking, some discussion on Absinthe, where it's illegal and what makes it illegal, and whether Cannabis-infused Absinthe is available, the Italian cannabis scene and how to go about getting some ganja in Italy, then we relocate to the VaporLounge for a chat with special guest forum user and Psychedelica author Ostritt who tells us about the Cannabis scene in Ireland, how it gels with the traditional Catholic / drinking culture there, the locally available hash that he's been enjoying recently, how the temperature at which you vaporize can really effect the quality of your high and flavour of the vapour, the differences between the Volcano Classic and the Volcano Digit, the Amazonian Shamanism Conference, which Ostritt will be attending, and "Beyond the Basin", his psychedelic novel, the various publishing options open to him, and how publishing is changing in the modern world, and literature in general and how psychedelic themes and ideas are represented through literary history. After a musical break, the Dopefiend leaves Ostritt in the VaporLounge and talks about how Cannabis can contribute to paranoia and depression and how best to avoid such effects, then Xochipilli2012 leaves a voicemail talking about his excitement at the approaching Dopestock 2008 in Amsterdam, then we swing by the Sacred Oak for some commentary from Druidude on the decline in Cannabis-related arrests in the UK and the Conservative Party's response to it, the NIDA's new centre for "Marijuana Addiction", why Big Pharma are so keen to get behind it, and why in reality there's no such thing as Marijuana Addiction, the sad demise of Gordon Goodfellow and the teenage stoner who force-fed a pensioner a basketball while high. Back in the Dope Den, the Dopefiend tells of the high school student busted for smuggling Cannabis inside cans of vegetables, the Boston Congressman who wants to legalize marijuana, the Australian grower who called the cops when thieves struck his grow op, the moves afoot in Jamaica to bring about Cannabis Legalization, the man busted at the bank because his cash smelled of weed, and the excellent news that the dutch smoking ban doesn't apply to Cannabis.  Email your comments, questions and suggestions to, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.


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Playlist: Temposhark - Crime; Studio Apartment, Monique Bingham, Frankie Feliciano - Flight (Nulife Vocal Mix); Easy Star All-Stars - Until That Day; Kenny Neal - Baby Bee; Rick Fowler - Skeletons in Your Closet; Taj Weekes - Propaganda War; Walt Blanton - Song Without Words; Kush Arora - Surf's Up; Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbon; Double Dan - My Yard; Biaje, San Quinn - For Ever I Luv the Bay

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Studio Apartment, Monique Bingham, Frankie Feliciano
"Flight" (mp3)
from "Mix The Vibe: Quentin Harris - Timeless Re-Collection"
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Easy Star All-Stars
"Until That Day" (mp3)
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Taj Weekes
"Propaganda War" (mp3)
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Walt Blanton
"Song Without Words" (mp3)
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"Surf's Up" (mp3)
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Double Dan
"My Yard" (mp3)
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Biaje, San Quinn
"For Ever I Luv the Bay" (mp3)
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