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Mar 6, 2006

In the web's favourite Cannabis Podcast this week: The Dopefiend talks vaporizers by popular demand, rounds up the final chapter of the OverGrow saga, and reveals the news that cannabis can cure cancer!

over eighteen years ago

Hi, DF!

Once again, great show this week!!

I thoroughly enjoyed all the vaporizer info! I\'m thinking of getting my hands on the Vapir One and using it with a bag kit, it seems like the best choice.
Anyway, I have a topic request for one of your shows. How about helping those of us who are trying to grow our own little garden? Some book reviews perhaps? Maybe some grow tips?
Just an idea, seen ya!


over eighteen years ago

Love the show, if it wouldnt be to much trouble, would you think about posting a list of the m.o.m scammers?
Thanks, oh and \"stay stoned\" ;)