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Jun 30, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast the Dopefiend talks about the suggested link between Cannabis and psychosis, and the new study which shows that Cannabis strength has not increased significantly in recent years, then hits the emails starting with a story from Enzo about his first smoke and the"rat shit" soap bar available where he lives, then he answers some propaganda-based criticisms of Cannabis use levelled at Buckwheat by his girlfriend. The Dopefiend then heads into the VaporLounge where he shares a bag of Sour Diesel with Squidgy Sid, reminisces about Diplomatic Hash and talks about his current supplier and the resurgence on popularity of Mail Order Marijuana, featuring a mention for Tommy Chong and a chat about the impending gathering of family members at the Big Chill festival in August and plans for "Extreme Volcano" sessions in the DopeTent, leading to a Big Chill-themed musical interlude, after which, still in the VaporLounge, the Dopefiend and Squidgy Sid discuss the difference between indica and sativa strains and how sticking to one or the other can change your whole view on the world, whether the police's view on Cannabis use in the UK has changed since the Government announced plans to reclassify it, a mention for Jack Herer and Alex Jones courtesy of zenitZenZen, followed by a bit of controversy over how much tobacco should go into a hash joint, then they discuss an interesting story about an outbreak of salmonella-laced weed in the early eighties, before discussing the likely future prohibition of Salvia Divinorum in the USA, whether the sudden interest in it reflects a return to the archaic, and finally discuss tomorrow's Dutch smoking ban and how it will affect the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. The email pile is low, so get your questions, comments and suggestions on the Dopecast very soon! Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Pharaoh's Daughter - Everything; Dubmatix, Howie Smart - Let the Power; Da Saz - Ja Mudh Ja; Larry Vuckovich - Locomotion; Kamal Hors - Space; Portico Quartet - Zavadovski Island; Almamegretta - High and Dry; Douglas J Cuomo, Amit Chatterjee, Tony Boutté, Alan Johnson, ETHEL - Arjuna's Dilemma; You Me & Iowa - Tommy Hall; VKM, Eze, Mel - RVN Radio (Part 3) (Live in the Radiokulturhaus, Wien); Natacha Atlas, The Mazeeka Ensemble - Ya Laure Hobouki; Yes King, Dawn Penn, Mystro, Kenny Knotts - Rock This World; Time Machine - The Groove That Just Won't Stop

Da Saz
"Ja Mudh Ja" (mp3)
from "Jet Lag"
(Phat Phish Records)
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Larry Vuckovich
"Locomotion" (mp3)
from "High Wall: Real Life Film Noir"
(Tetrachord Music)
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Kamal Hors
"Space" (mp3)
from "The Dance of the Lute"
(Smoked Recordings)
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"High and Dry" (mp3)
from "Vulgus"
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Douglas J Cuomo, Amit Chatterjee, Tony Boutté, Alan Johnson, ETHEL
"Arjuna's Dilemma" (mp3)
from "Arjuna's Dilemma"
(Innova Recordings)
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You Me & Iowa
"Tommy Hall" (mp3)
from "The Adventures of You Me & Iowa"
(Scrimshaw Jazz)
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VKM, Eze, Mel
"RVN Radio (Part 3)" (mp3)
from "The Relativ Violin Night"
(Red Wharf)
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Natacha Atlas, The Mazeeka Ensemble
"Ya Laure Hobouki" (mp3)
from "Ana Hina"
(World Village UK)
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Yes King, Dawn Penn, Mystro, Kenny Knotts
"Rock This World" (mp3)
from "Rock This World"
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Time Machine
"The Groove That Just Won't Stop" (mp3)
from "Life Is Expensive"
(Glow In The Dark Records)
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