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Sep 22, 2008

On the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, this week, the Dopefiend wraps up the argument over whether excessive use of illegal drugs constitutes abuse, reads the latest crop of comments on the debate, including some discussion of the value of the psychedelic experience and whether discussing substances other than Cannabis on the Dopecast encourages Cannabis users to try harder drugs, and we hear from the originator of the conversation, forum member SteelDieHard. Hitting the emails, the Dopefiend reads a recommendation from sponsor GratefulDude for water-cooling homegrown buds, and also discusses the common myth that using water pipes is less harmful than smoking joints or pipes, then we hear from satisfied Volcano DIGIT owner Rob, who bought a VapurEyes before upgrading to the Lamborghini Diablo of vaporizers, talks about how the two Volcano valve systems compare, and asks again why a clean bag gets you higher. After all this Volcano talk, the Dopefiend retreats to the VaporLounge for a chat about the collapse of Mail Order Marijuana, his recent visit to Barcelona, and some advice for stoners wishing to visit the sunny city, then pays tribute to the great Rick Wright, founder member of Pink Floyd, who died this week. After our musical interlude, and another pro-Volcano email from Thorzuul, we hear from regular correspondent Christine who reports from the Hempstalk 2008 event in Portland Oregon, and interviews Marijuana Activist and Hemp Entrepreneur Scott Gordon about his involvement in the Hemp and Cannabis scene. Finally, in the Cannabis News, the recent discovery of Cannabis's anti-bacterial properties, which may lead to a solution to the MRSA problem, how the US government not only want to imprison you for Cannabis use, but want you to pay backtaxes on it too, a worrying new Spanish study points to a closer link between youth Cannabis use and early-onset psychosis than previously envisioned, the new unmanned "eye in the sky" scoping out Californian guerrilla growers, and positive moves afoot in Dutch Medical Marijuana growing law. Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

Download this episode here:

GratefulDude's link to information on Water Curing buds:

The MAPS-NORML study which shows that Bongs are more harmful than joints (See the heading "Joints and Waterpipes" towards the bottom of the page):

Volcano Easy Valve bag-replacement guide:

Playlist: Brother Culture - Come Down Pon Sound; Vladimir - Landscape; Antenne - Gloves On; Division - Heaven (Alternativ Mix); Ashtech - R.E.M; Woodhands - I Wasn't Made for Fighting; Mere Mortals - Etcetera; Jody Watley - Photographs; Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky; Mauxuam - B4 After; Vanessa Daou - Sunday Afternoons; Hans Tammen - Consequent Part IV : Intentionally Left Bank

Brother Culture
"Come Down Pon Sound" (mp3)
from "Isis"
(Liquid Sound)

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"Landscape" (mp3)
from "Electrobohême"
(DiscMedi S.A.)

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"Heaven" (mp3)
from "Heaven"
(Aardvark Records)

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"Gloves On" (mp3)
from "#3"
(helmet r00m recordings)

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"I Wasn't Made for Fighting" (mp3)
from "I Wasn't Made for Fighting"
(Paper Bag Records)

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Mere Mortals
"Etcetera" (mp3)
from "Sanctuary: A Shanti Mix From The Interchill Garden"
(Interchill Records)

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Jody Watley
"Photographs" (mp3)
from "Midnight Lounge"
(Avitone Recordings)

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"B4 After" (mp3)
from "Viceversa"
(Interchill Records)

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Hans Tammen
"Consequent Part IV : Intentionally Left Bank" (mp3)
from "Third Eye Orchestra"
(Innova Recordings)

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almost sixteen years ago

another awesome show. so cool hearing about whats going on in Oregon!