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Mar 20, 2006

In the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast this week: The Dopefiend unveils his new website and his new Vapir vaporizer, discusses soap bar, London Cannabis factories and Cannabis Candy. Stay stoned!
almost fourteen years ago

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over eighteen years ago

Good work on the dopecast. Some info on datura or smoking on holiday off the top of my head morroco would be good.

over eighteen years ago

Another great Pod,
Thinhs here in Canada are very unsettled amoung our friends here. We do not know what is going to shake out with our new Gov. but so for it\'s not looking too good. We can only hope that as the new members of the gov get settled in that they will listen to the people and ease off on the pot crack down. I am in my late 50s and have not seen so much nervousness in decades. As you where talking about hash , the best way to go is \'bubble hash\' , it is the cleanest form you can make. To make it you use bags with filter screens in the botten of the and water and ice. And POT , musn\'t froget the pot. If you look up bubble hash or bubble bags in google you can find pictures and vids on how to do it , but it is easy. What you get is Trycomes.
I found this vid=>
I highly recommend bubble for medical use.
Later JT

over eighteen years ago

I nearly shot lemonade out of my nose when I heard the names of some of that cannabis candy, that stuff is pretty damn original. It makes you wonder if people would ever be so creative if the herb were legal to produce and sell.