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Nov 17, 2008

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend re-visits the subject of Cannabis Psychosis: is it a manufactured myth propagated by the world's anti-drug governments, or is there a real threat to a percentage of the stoner population? The Dopefiend takes a detailed look at the first in-depth study into how episodes of so-called "Cannabis-Induced Psychosis" affect one's likelihood of developing schizophrenia in later life. Before hitting the emails, the Dopefiend reads a message from show sponsor Punkdudeus who's overjoyed with his purchase of a brand new Volcano Vaporizer, then there's discussion about the best way to make hash, the joys of California's medical marijuana laws, the legal situation regarding Cannabis in Ireland, and some assorted chat regarding the I-Inhale, including the safety of silicone tubing when used with vaporizers, and an independent review from satisfied customer Kennibis. Then the Dopefiend, prompted by such listener feedback, fires up his own I-Inhale and goes walkabout for a chat about the success of the I-Inhale and this weekend's UK Hemp Expo, before pausing for another homegrown musical interlude. Red-eyed and rested, the Dopefiend returns to the emails, starting with one from Irish listener DD who looks back over the past hundred and fifty Dopecast epsiodes, before HempHugger send greetings from British Columbia and some questions concerning the viability of auto-flowering strains like Lowryder and whether the psychedelic highs of pure sativas have been consigned to history. Podders emails form Spain with feedback on last week's talk about Cannabis-infused liquor and a recommendation for EricTheRuler's youtube cannabis cookery guides, then Rodders chips in with a question regarding whether the habit of rolling joints with tobacco in Europe is making the fight for truth about Cannabis all the harder. This leads nicely into the Cannabis News, starting with the results of the recent study into European drug habits by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, which suggests that many youngsters are turning down spliffs because of the dangers of tobacco smoking, then two contrasting stories about whether Amsterdam's Coffeeshops will weather the storm of government opposition to Holland's lenient approach to Cannabis, and whether the global financial crisis is actually a good thing for the marijuana market, and also news on how the dutch ban on magic mushrooms is inching ever closer, with a date now set at December 1st, and finally the Bolivian president and his bold stance against the DEA and the War on Drugs. Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: Peter Kater - Walk in Beauty (Recorded in April of 2008); Tom Green  - Preparation; Parne Gadje - Isoun Mia Vrisi; Products of Monkey Love - Dropping Tears; J Caprice - Life Is Jazz; Kane Ian - Key Trade; ei8ht - Rockstar vs Pornstar (Original); Joe Pacino - The Big Sleep

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Peter Kater
"Walk in Beauty" (mp3)
from "Walk In Beauty - Healing Series Volume 4"
(Point of Light Records)

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Tom Green
"Preparation" (mp3)
from "Music For MRI Scanners"
(Another Fine Label)

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Parne Gadje
"Isoun Mia Vrisi" (mp3)
from "O Manuš"
(Smoked Recordings)

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J Caprice
"Life Is Jazz" (mp3)
from "Texas Tea"
(Dustpan Recordings)

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Kane Ian
"Key Trade" (mp3)
from "The Yin & Yang EP"
(Dustpan Recordings)

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"Rockstar vs Pornstar" (mp3)
from "Rockstar vs Pornstar - Single"

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Joe Pacino
"The Big Sleep" (mp3)
from "Into My Space"
(Tobacco Music)

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Manila Housecat
fifteen and a half years ago

Hey Dopefiend!
Easy! Your show is a true blessing! I\'ve been listening on-and-off since late in the fall 2006, I\'d estimate. I can only apologize for the fact that I haven\'t been contributing with comments and such as much as I could have! I will work on it, you have my word.
You may remember me to be a Christian \"toker\" from the States; I did buy my Volcano through your site in early 2007, so I don\'t really \"toke,\" any more, as it were. I recently read that herbs can be defined as: \"plants which possess some of the qualities of food and some of the properties of drugs,\" on a article about Garlic which can be found here: , and I do believe that God made good herbs, fungi, and drugs as gifts for us-tools for us to honor with our responsible use, and that it makes him sad when we abuse them, because He loves us and it causes us harm.
Your show is quite like FOXNews (which I believe to be a part of the Rupert Murdoch empire, whether that\'s good or bad I\'m not sure but there you have it!), fair and balanced, which us truth-lovers greatly appreciate! I understand it can be a challenge to remain balanced when one has a bias, such as enjoying the use of a particular herb, for example, but the ability to silence critics is extremely important in advancing one\'s cause, as is upholding integrity for the good of one\'s audience, the consumers of one\'s most excellent free service; the world-famous Dopecast.
Sorry if I\'m blabbing, but I\'m in a bit of a hurry so please forgive me for not carefully editing this post before submitting! What I really wanted to write about was a topic on the last show. I heard what you said about people trying to get lighter sentences by blaming cannabis for their behavior, about 9 mins and 30 seconds into ep. 151. My comment is this: They could probably get a better deal legally by simply pleading insanity, but they choose to blame an innocent plant, rather than to confess that they have a problem. This too is understandable, because pleading insanity, as