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Jan 19, 2009

On the first Dopecast since the Dopefiend's Christmas break, the Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator talks about the enduring myth that today's Cannabis is far more potent than that smoked by the Hippie Generation, what may have caused such an increase, if it is even present, and compares two contrasting studies from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean into the potency of our sacrament. Next, the Dopefiend sends a special thanks out to the Chieftain of Chill and the many contributors to DopeTribe Dispatches who manned the fort during the holiday season, before hitting the emails, starting with one which tracks the evolution of the Dopecast before asking for more details on the revolutionary I-Inhale Portable Vaporizer. Hopping over onto the wireless, the Dopefiend demonstrates the beauty of portable vaporization by I-Inhaling some tasty Jack Herer from his vault while alerting the DopeTribe to the crusade of Pinky Starr, co-ordinator of this month's Legalization Protest in London, and also mentioning the new alternative forum for stranded members of the Everyone Does It forum, then addresses a particular listener's concerns about the Dopefiend's choice of music on the Dopecast, before disregarding them entirely and taking a hip-hoppin musical interlude. Considerably more stoned than before, the Dopefiend returns with a message of Christmas cheer from the Sixth Sin, then Zoze Pylon gives his personal review of the I-Inhale, comments on the possible future of Cannabis and Hemp under Barack Obama, and directs us to his extraordinary psychedelic animation, the DopeTribe hits Taiwan, DannyGreenFingers recommends the I-Inhale too, and ArcticVapors sings its stealthy praises. In the Cannabis News, Pipboy provides a round-up of the status quo regarding Cannabis law in Norway, the Massachussets police embrace their new decriminalized approach to cannabis use, but the DEA stymies plans to legally grow it there, Ohio joins the list of states banning ancient hallucinogen Salvia Divinorum, the worrying "Hitler Youth"-style trend of children being encouraged to inform on their cannabis-using parents by US school anti-drug programs, Barry Cooper's Kopbusters crusade marches on in a storm of controversy, exposing a judge's eagerness to issue a warrant based on flimsy evidence, another pro-legalization cop gets his job back and a stack of cash, British magistrates bellyache over the Government's new schizophrenic approach to cannabis, and finally The Great Tennessee Marijuana Cave. Complete with hydraulic rock escape hatch! Email, send us a voicemail and drop by our Skype Virtual VaporLounge, and check out the forum.

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Playlist: PooNyk & Oxide - It Lasts Eternally (Original Mix); Marcos Romero - Guadalajara (Original); Unique 3 -  Song for Rohan; Moyanovsky - Ezeronomovoy; Odessa Soundfreaks - Homo Technicus; Monqusay - Get Your Lungs Dirty; Fenix - Fenix; Mike Relm - Hot to Trot (feat. Alfredo Ortiz); Steve Blanco Trio - Brother Song 2; Edward Wood - Before and After; Koritsa - Mine (Infuzoria Remix)

Podcast Image by Sttony: "Frosty Baby Bud - Sour D in the 2nd week of true flower." Submit your pics here:

PooNyk & Oxide
"It Lasts Eternally" (mp3)
from "Emotive Trance Vibes"
(Emotive Vibes)

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Marcos Romero
"Guadalajara" (mp3)
from "Musik Non Stop Uno"
(Syncopated Musik)

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Unique 3
"Song for Rohan" (mp3)
from "Mutations Volume 1"
(Mutate Records)

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"Ezeronomovoy" (mp3)
from "Nine Features"
(Still Alive Records)

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Odessa Soundfreaks
"Homo Technicus" (mp3)
from "Funk Da Mental"

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"Fenix" (mp3)
from "Not My War"
(Still Alive Records)

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Mike Relm
"Hot to Trot (feat. Alfredo Ortiz)" (mp3)
from "Spectacle"
(Radio Fried Records)

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Steve Blanco Trio
"Brother Song 2" (mp3)
from "Piano Warrior"
(Art of Life Records)

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Edward Wood
"Before and After" (mp3)
from "Aimlessly Wandering"
(Tema Digital Media)

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"Mine" (mp3)
from "Eastern Promises Part 1"
(Golden Orb Records)

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fifteen and a half years ago

great show last night - don;t you dare delete those earlier shows! Well not just yet anyway as I am new to this podcast and am loving it as I work my way through the early shows. Am on about no.12 now and they have all been great. Don\'t be so hard on yourself - they brought you to where you are now! ;-) stay high brothers and sisters!