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Mar 27, 2006

In this week's bumper edition of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast: The Dopefiend discusses the scary situation in Canada at the moment, stoned animals, Datura and shamanic hallucinogens, the phenomenon of time slowdown, mail-order marijuana scammer marijuanagrams, vaporizers, children on drugs and how to spy on your kids. Stay stoned!

over eighteen years ago

So i come home. Light up a bowl. And then here this shit about time slow down. A fucking laugh. The man who can sell me that green, is a godsend.

\"We cant stop here.. Were in BAT COUNTRY.\"

donate car
almost seventeen years ago

Oh, I don\'t want to spy on my kids. Not that I fully trust them, but I\'m afraid what I might find out. Anyway I really raised my kids to tell me and ask me anything. I mean absolutely anything. I reduced the punishments almost to zero so that they can tell me without fearing of what will happen if \"mom and dad find out\". This way I stay tuned with their problems and I can help and advise them.

Narconon Vista Bay
sixteen and a half years ago

That’s true… Would be a good thing if weed will be legalized. I went in a short holiday in Amsterdam… they have a great life there… but have to tell you that I think that now, there, are the fewer wed smokers than in any other part, because weed is legal… :D there’s not that fun anymore.

over eighteen years ago

Greetings from Phoenix Arizona! Your podcast is fantastic. We love the musical interlude. Your intelligent approach to the program content is refreshing and informative. CHEERS!

over eighteen years ago

Nothing to do with the dopecast but u all have to watch cannibal the musical if you havent all ready watching it again and its the best. Also going too miss the next dopecast unless i can find a internet cafe in morroco.

stay stoned dazedandconfused

over eighteen years ago

sry bout about the double post, had to apologize about the bad grammer most likly spelling as well.

Sry again

over eighteen years ago

First off...great podcast. I also stumbled across your program and was immediately hooked. Im very happy that there is a program, like yours, that can educate and update the pshycodhelic-savy community. I read about another listeners experience with salvia extract and thought I might share my experience. The night I took salvia for the first time I was already under the influence of another legal substance in the states called Red Dawn. Red Dawns intention is to make the user trip, of sorts. So when my friend brought up the idea to hit some 20x salvia out of his bubbler I agreed not knowing the exact effects of salvia. Well the salvia went into the bowl of the bubbler with a little cannibus mixed in so my instinct was to rip it like I would cannibus...This was a very bad idea. I quickly slipped into a different realm that consisted of a backward motion from the world as we know it and into a view that portrayed our universe as a much smaller particle or layer of a much larger \\\"object\\\" which in turn became a small portion of another larger object. This then transitioned into an earful of laughter (which turned out to be mainly me laughing uncontrollably and also the group of people watching me experience this) and what seemed to be some kind of massive false setting of the room I was sitting in that rolled up with me and the other people present inside. Which sounds a little like the other listeners experience of how the world kept tilting. But the whole experience lasted about five to ten minutes and was one of the most amazing things I have ever encountered with any substance. Granted, I was a little worried I would never return to reality during the thick of the trip, but everything turned out for the best. I strongly insist that whenever taking salvia extract that you are sitting and in a very controlled environment and never driving or anything like that.
Id like to thank you for putting the time and effort into making and maintaining this podcast. Keep it goin and I look forward to future episodes. *

over eighteen years ago

Again, great podcast. I have to agree on your time slow-down conclusions. It\'s a perception, not an actual effect on the surrounding world. It seems like a moment of wishful (and hazy) thinking to assume that anything more could be made of this effect.

over eighteen years ago

Your web show is absolutely amazing!

The show is captivating and covers many topics that marijuana users are most concerned about.

You have a very sensible approach to cannabis use, and you come across as extremely intelligent.
I really appreciate that while you are \"pro-pot\" you still emphasize using responsibly. It makes me proud to know that even if an \"anti-pot\" person were to listen to your podcast they would be forced to recognize that stereotypes of users do not fit all, if any. Keep representing us in such a positive manner and you will continue to gain an ever growing listener base, and at the same time hopefully dispel popular myths about Marijuana.

over eighteen years ago

Okay i had to stop the podcast stream to type this. Your right that the guy talking about Time Slowdown is talking complete bullshit about athletes using it to perform better, but i think there may be some validity to the notion that musicians use it to enhance performance. Also i think you should add a way for the listeners contanct you as the show is live. Mabey a livechat, aim or icq name, or if possible mabey a way for people to \"call\" in to the show using skype or someother over the net chatting device. Well keep up the good work and stay stoned

over eighteen years ago

I remember me and my mate getting his cat stoned ages ago so funny.