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Feb 22, 2010

On this week's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend talks about the recent DEA raids in Colorado and how they're further evidence of the way state law, Department of Justice advice, and public opinion is being systematically ignored by those intent on keeping the War on Drugs rumbling on. In this week's emails, there's talk of how eating mangoes can effect the strength of your high, growing philosopher's stone truffles, some extraordinary strain reports from grower Adam, and lots and lots of love for the mighty iolite portable vaporizer. Strolling into the VaporLounge, the Dopefiend conducts an experiment at the behest of the iolite's creators, to determine whether glass beads in the herb chamber can increase vapour quality, before taking a musical interlude courtesy of Ghost13. Back to the emails, and subjects such as the importance of mindfulness, how not all cops are evil, a glowing testimonial of the Leidseplein Coffeeshop in Leiden, Holland from Hippy Man, some insight into cannabis use and pregnancy, and the scourge of adulterated weed hits Australia. Next, the Dopefiend talks briefly to -Me-, the host of the brand new Mangled Meditations podcast which launches this Saturday on, before turning to the Cannabis News, and the story of how Tacoma Washington's growers are running scared, the grower busted with a mobile grow-op flourishing in his van, and the worrying allegations that the Federal Government are pressurizing eBay to remove High Times magazine from sale on their site. Email, send us a voicemail, and check out the forum.


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Playlist: Maelstrom, MC Youthstar - The Beat Police (feat. MC Youthstar) (Redux Mix); Veekey, DJ HOAK - Take Me Higher (Radio Edit); Unique 3 - Take This Love (Monstr Mix) [feat. Adele Collins]; La Boutique - You're a Real Angel; Carmen Moshier, Phyllis Emert - I Can Be Me (Live); Ghost13 - Circles & Squares (Beach Boogie Mix); Raydience - Bahian Smiles; David Hoffman - Julie's Dream; Evan Marien - Primal Virtue; John Turville Trio - First Flight; Salvatore Bonafede Trio, Salvatore Bonafede Trio - Sicilian Opening  

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Veekey, DJ HOAK
from "Take Me Higher"(Clubstream Pink)  
from "Take This Love - EP" (Mutate Records)
from "Works, Downtempo Musique and Other Temperate Tracks"(Mahjong Music LTD)
from "I Can Be Me" (USA Network, Inc.)
from "Raydience" (Megawave)
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David Hoffman
(mp3) from "Calmness of Spirit" (
from "Between Worlds" (Art of Life Records)
from "Sicilian Opening" (Jazz Eyes)
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