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Apr 26, 2010

On the first of a series of live Dopecasts from the Capital City of Cannabis, the Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator, the Dopefiend, boards the Cannabis Canal Cruise in the evening sunshine for many vapes and tokes in honour of those DopeTribers who couldn't make it out to Amsterdam thanks to the Icelandic Volcano. First off, the Dopefiend chats to G13 who tackled the Volcano by driving under the channel to be at Dopestock about his favourite strains, with special mentions for Headband and Dr Grinspoon, and coffeeshop favourites Abraxas and The Green Place, before talking to Jay K and Flick about how they managed to get over to Amsterdam so they wouldn't miss all the fun, prompting a flashback to the Dopefiend, G13 and Son of Gonzo's Belgian Bifta and Burger Break, before returning to the Canal Cruise and talk of this year's Dopestock Cup, whether the Amsterdam standard is improving, and the variety of hash on offer in Amsterdam. Next, the Dopefiend turns to Son of Gonzo who's in Amsterdam thanks to the generosity of the Dopetribe, who donated cash in order that he could make it out to Amsterdam and smoke weed, the pair talk about music and how to get high on a budget in the 'dam, before the Dopefiend turns his attention to Dopestock virgins TeenagePie and Mrs Mole, who talk about the pleasure of overland travel, their experience of Amsterdam and how it's changed,  how the weed in Holland compares to the herb back home, and how they've left smoking behind thanks to embracing vaporizers, and how they've made their own tinctures out of vapo-poop. Next up, the Dopefiend turns to former DopeTribe Dispatcher Mrs Anne, who talks about the research she's doing into cannabis users and their culture, before chatting to ScoobySnakks about how he tackled the volcanic ash, and which tasty strains he's been toking in Amsterdam, and then turning to Max Freakout for a few words before a live performance by DopeStock slave Son of Gonzo. After Gonzo's musical interlude, the Dopefiend returns to psychedelic correspondent Max Freakout who is conversing with Dopestock veteran Dr. Dank about whether the presence of a shaman for an ayahuasca ceremony has any noticeable effect on the quality of the experience, and whether shamanism can ever gel with modern western culture, then brings SmokeJaguar into the conversation, who studies shamanic cultures from an anthropological perspective, and who, along with Dyadar, gives his views on the apparent creeping liberalism regarding cannabis use. Next, the Dopefiend moves on down for a quick chat with SaintVitus, then Drew of the TokingTravellers who both talk about their favourite strains of this year's Dopestock, and then talks to Lord of Change and Mog Mog who have travelled to Amsterdam from Sweden, before rounding off the show with a quick chat from Middle Eastern DopeTribe representative High007. Don't miss all the action from the Dopestock Daytime Session next week! Email, send us a voicemail, and check out the forum.


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Playlist: Son of Gonzo - Chase The Devil


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