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May 15, 2006

In His first show back in the United Kingdom, The Dopefiend plays some audio from his recent Amazonian Mushroom party, unveils his brand new Volcano, announces the expansion of the podcast network with two new shows launching this week, brings news of the weekend's Global Marijuana March.

Download this episode here:

Playlist: Kyle McCarthy - Into the Groove; Augustus Pablo - Satta Dub; Bedouin Soundclash - Shadow of a Man; David Bendeth - Feel; QueerNinja - Born of Chaos (; Sun Electric - Sundance; Riton - Put That...; Bob Marley - Waiting In Vain (ambient translation); Lemon Jelly - Kneel Before Your God

over fourteen years ago

Hey, love your podcast!
Just wondering if you have any experiance with the \"BC Vaporizer\", I know that it\'s not nearly even as good as the Volcano.. but wondering if its a cheap alternative untill I do get one.


fourteen and a half years ago

I had a question for the dopefiend. A few of my buddies learned that you can crush up morning glory seeds and ingest them to produce LSD like trips and hallucinations but I am unable to find anything regarding health concerns or correct dosage. Has anyone experimented with these seeds and if so can you tell us a little bit about them.

fourteen and a half years ago

Marijuana. Should I feel guilty about it?