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May 29, 2006

The Dopefiend talks about Terence McKenna, the rise of "China Bud" and "Beasters", more on the origins of MDMA, and brings good health news for Cannabis users, propaganda from Israel's war on hydro, and the latest from Marc Emery.

Playlist: VA and Bill Laswell - Trojan Dub Massive (from Chapter 2); Portishead - Scorn; Linvall Thompson - I Love Marijuana; Amadou et Mariam - M'Bifé Blues; Gnarls Barkley - Online; The Boulevard COnnection - COpenhagen Claimin' Respect; Light of Aidan - Lament; Ronny Jordan - The Jackal
over fourteen years ago

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over eighteen years ago

Hey Dopefiend,

I listened to your first 12 Podcasts and then got caught up in the hustle and bustle of making money and lost track of you for a few weeks. A couple of days ago I decided to check back in and catch up on recent Dopecasts. I feared that your show might have gone the way of the dodo in the time that I was away. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that you had not only kept the ship afloat but expanded the operation with multiple podcasts from more delightfully dope-addled minds. Thank you for that.

I haven’t caught up on all of the shows that I missed, but I have listened to a couple of the more recent podcasts, and some of your comments really resonated with me and my situation.

I used to have a lot of money, and when I did, I had long hair, mutton chops, and I made multiple trips to South America to drink ayahuasca with Amazonian vegetalistas. At the time you could spot me as a fellow entheogen enthusiast at a distance.

Times and circumstances change. Now I have a wife and two children. I’ve long since exhausted my nineties dot com windfall and I have to work in the straight world to support my family. I have short hair, a clean shaven face, and I wear a suit. I’ve joined the ranks of the clandestine smokers, and like so many of your other listeners, it irks me that I have to conceal my tastes and proclivities from so many of the people I encounter in daily life. Even worse, my wife and I have to hide our daily cannabis habit from our children. My oldest son will start kindergarten in the Fall (“Autumn? to you Commonwealth types), and here in the U.S. the anti-drug propaganda gets off to an early start. An innocent word from my son in the wrong ear could result in a team of black-clad commandos breaking down my door and hauling my wife and me off to jail and turning our children over to the tender mercies of the therapeutic state. The Drug War breeds paranoia, dishonesty, and skulking behavior not just in public but in our own homes with our own families.

I send

over eighteen years ago

Very interested in DMT after listening and reading Terence McKenna. You mentioned in this podcast that you visited a listener who was making it at home. Can you direct us to more information?

over eighteen years ago

I found this site, that professes to tell you how to make DMT in the kitchen. Does anyone have any experience of this site?

Max Freakout
over eighteen years ago

bima don\\\'t bother with that website, go to the DMT forums in and go for the \\\'Marsofold\\\' tek, it is the easiest way to extract DMT in the home

over eighteen years ago

hi dopefiend,

I had to let you know how much I enjoyed episode were you have the mushroom party. I could hardly drive for laughing. I was very impressed that you had it together enough to record the event. Did I hear correctly that you ordered the mushrooms from Canada?

Listening to the show got me thinking about the last time I took mushrooms over 30 years ago. Some friends and I went into Northumberland looking for psilocybin mushrooms. We were very lucky that day and found a large field full of them. We spent the afternoon picking and went home with literally several carrier bags full of them. We gathered back at my place and a friend said he would make tea from them as an experiment as we had only taken them fresh or dried up to that point. He disappeared into the kitchen and a while later produced several large mugs containing a very thick, slimy evil looking liquid, one for each person. We each forced it down and sat around smoking hash (it was always hash back then, usually Moroccan and Lebanese) waiting for the trip to start.

Soon I started to feel queasy and felt like I wanted to throw up but that sensation was soon over taken by a feeling that I can only describe as being strapped to a rocket that had just taken off! There was a “whooshing? sound and I just had to hang on and grit my teeth. Then the sensation would ease off for a while and then the “rocket? would take off again, it was kind of like a roller coaster ride. When it stopped I was unable to distinguish between my body and the universe. I felt like my being had been expanded to infinity and that each star was a cell in my body, I literally could see the outer reaches of the universe.

Later, as the trip moved on I made an amazing discovery that I would be interested to hear whether any other mushroom takers out there have had. I discovered that when I closed my eyes (I had returned to my body by then), I could “see? through my third eye. I tested myself, I would take my glasses off, put my hands over my eyes, “look? throu

over eighteen years ago

Haha that sounds like an amazing experience bima! Anyway on the same subject I had a question about the smoking of mushrooms. Health wise I am guessing not good at all, but psychedelic wise I was thinking it would hit the brain a lot faster. Has anyone ever tried this or know anything about it?

One more thing, I am now looking for a vaporizer and had my mind set on the volcano but I was just listening to Uncle Weed\'s podcast, as you recommended, and he said he just purchased a \"Happy Vappy\" vaporizer. The Happy Vappy looks to good to be true almost, and the price is a lot more affordable for me. Have you or anyone reading this tried the Happy Vappy, if so I would like to know your thoughts/oppinions.

Slightly Stoned
over eighteen years ago


The cast is uncredible, i have made a habit of listing every week on my Pod as i mow the lawn, your insightful chat on counter culture is very refreshing in todays world suffocated by propaganda, i feel much more informed reguarding the progress on the leagalization and medical front. You\'v inspired me to start up a cast just catologing the life of a smart smokin teen in the states on headed off to college, and hopefully continue it once there.

keep up the the good work, fight the fight and smoke the love, your pal,
-Slightly Stoned