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Aug 1, 2011

On this long awaited and much-requested special episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend takes a serious in-depth look at one of the most exciting new developments in the vaporizer world, the brand new WISPR by IOLITE, the latest portable vaporizer from the team behind the groundbreaking iolite vaporizer. First up, the Dopefiend takes a first look at the new device as he opens the box, describes what he sees, gases it up and turns it on for the first time in order to sample some fresh Green Spirit. Next, the Dopefiend takes to the streets and public transport to give the WISPR a thorough going-over in full view and to push its stealth and portability cabapilities to the absolute limit. Following a musical interlude which combines the thrill of the release of this new piece of technology with the excitement of the impending Big Chill festival, the Dopefiend returns to the Dope Den, where a rogue's gallery of vaporizer experts and cannabis connoisseurs have gathered to put the WISPR through its paces. Esse B, the Gremlin of Ganja, Squidgy Sid, Floydhead and Max Freakout all join the Dopefiend in testing out the device with some truly sensational Headband and Bubba Kush grown by the mysterious Uncle Ben, while going through some of the questions and comments sent in by the listening DopeTribe. Finally, all gathered give their final verdict on one of the most anticipated pieces of cannabis technology in history! Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Be the first in your smoker's circle to own the brand new WISPR by IOLITE portable vaporizer for only £170, and support the Podcast Network at the same time! Free Global Shipping! IOLITE, Magic Flight Launch Box and Volcano vaporizers also available at

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Podcast Image: The five colours of the brand new WISPR by iolite! Submit your pics here: or via twitter @dopefiend

Playlist: B. Bravo - Computa Love; Schwarzblut - Das Mandat; DeFusionUK - Ignition (Robbie Lock Remix); The Chemical Brothers - Get Yourself High

B. Bravo
"Computa Love" (mp3)
from "Computa Love EP"
(Frite Nite)

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"Das Mandat" (mp3)
from "Sounds From The Matrix"
(Alfa Matrix)

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"Ignition" (mp3)
from "Welcome 2 My World - The Remixes"
(RavenStudioz DK LTD 2006)

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