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Sep 5, 2011

On this week's very special episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the Dopefiend plays Master of Ceremonies at the DopeCave Cup, the first ever cannabis growers' and breeders' competition on British soil. Hidden away in a secret location, the judges and entrants gather for a fast and furious ganja tasting session, and the Dopefiend kicks things off by introducing the judges: Nexus, Jay K, the Gremlin of Ganja, Tim Prince and Max Freakout, revealing some fantastic news from Jay K, and asking the judges what kind of criteria they'll be using to decide the winner. Next, with the help of glamorous assistant Esse B, the Dopefiend racks up the hits using the incredible brand new combination of a Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer with mains power supply, water pipe adaptor and glass bong supplied by the event's sponsors Magic Flight. As the judges give their thoughts on the 9 magnificent entries vying for the top prize and status as the first ever winner of the DopeCave Cup, the Dopefiend also talks to stowaway spectators Flick and Scottobaggins and entrant Blank Steve about what it's like to be present at such an historic occasion, and we have some musical entertainment from the DopeTribe's resident minstrel Son of Gonzo. After some intensive tasting of the eight strains of herbal cannabis entered in the cup, Tim Prince puts forward his suggestion for a method with which to try the only extract entry, some incredible sticky oil from Camembert Beanflicker, the fabled "Ladies' Hotknives", which results in much controversy and very little else. Next, we eavesdrop on the judges' deliberations before the scores are totted up and the winning strain is revealed. To find out which entrant is responsible for this remarkable award winning gourmet ganja, and who won the runners'-up prizes, make sure you tune in to the prizegiving ceremony with a cast of DopeTribers from all over the UK, only on next Monday's Dopecast! Email, send us a voicemail, follow @dopefiend and the new Virtual VaporLounge on twitter, and check out the forum.

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Podcast Image: The nine strains competing for the DopeCave Cup! Submit your pics here: or via twitter @dopefiend

Playlist: Son of Gonzo - London Storms