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Jun 26, 2006

In today's episode of the Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, The Dopefiend mourns the loss of Mr Bud's Grow Shop, talks shroom cookery (thank the mushroom mixture man(, dagga and bananadine and rounds up the news including weed relaxation in West Hollywood and the return of rapping dutch minister Piet Hein Donner.

Playlist: King Tubby - Mister D. Brown Skank; Avalanches - Live at Dominoes; William Orbit - Strange Cargo; Marlon Asha - Ganja Farmer; Olive - You're Not Alone (Nightmares on Wax Remix); Rafa Gas & F3R Delgado ft. Rau - Quiereme Otra Vez; Ninja Tune - London Mind State; Nitin Sawhney - Breathing Light

almost eighteen years ago

When I saw the subject thingy in itunes I thought Mr Bud had died or sumthin lol.

Lydia W
almost eighteen years ago

New listner here, about a quarter-century old with years of cannabis appreciation, with sooooo much to tell you...I am in love with your show :) I discovered you by way of This Might Be a Wiki (, a They Might Be Giants Wiki for all us crazed and nuance-obsessed fans. Anyhow, they had mentioned the fact that the Dopefiend Network had a \'World Wide Weed\' show that played \'Mink Car\' by good \'ol TMBG. Much to my delight, this was also obviously a stoner show...and not only had one of my top 5 favorite bands, TMBG, but also \'I Am The Walrus\' by my absolute fav band of all time! I was further impressed later, listening to some older shows, to hear that Queer Ninja did a cover of another top 5 for me, DONOVAN! I adore freakin\' Donovan...way to go guys, truely fantastic!

So, I subscribed at iTunes and ending up listening to this, your latest podcast, on Monday when I was in a terrible mood. You cheered me up quickly, and I even felt a \'contact high\' even though I was dry of supply at the time...You\'re like my portable stoner-buddy who can hold an intelligent conversation about one of my favorite topics at any time :) I just LOVE it! Keep up the good work and I have a multitude of ideas for most pressing question follows:

A topic I would LOVE for you to cover is \'The Best Places to Live if You\'re a Toker.\' I live in Montana in the U.S. and although I\'ll be moving back to a pretty tolerant town in a few weeks, I am soul-driven to get out of here. This country is SO FARGONE from my political beliefs that I can no longer tolerate it and don\'t want to wait for the tides of change to shift again, if ever. I doubt I\'m the only one that feels this way, and I think information on places to establish a cannabis-friendly life in would be useful to everyone that listens to your show. Personally, I want to go to Scotland, but I know there are pot-friendly towns in countries all over the world. Everyone has heard of places that are great for smokers to visit, such as Amsterdam, but what about p

Jake Davis
almost eighteen years ago

Wow, this episode is FILLED with news! I felt like I was listening to the NORML news podcast, with the dopefiend commentating. Most news-filled episode that I can remember.