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Jul 17, 2006

In the latest episode of the Podcast that gives you a contact high, the Dopefiend talks about strains available in the UK, the best places to smoke, absinthe and whether it really causes hallucinations, and discusses the worrying trend of co-operation between the USA and Canada, and the possibility of a lenient approach to UK drug laws.

Playlist: Lamb - Gold(Mr Scruff Mix); Dilated Peoples - Work The Angels; Eek-a-Mouse - Ganja Smuggling(Live); Audio Bullys - 100 Million; Shpongle - Once Upon the Sea of Blissful Awareness
almost fourteen years ago

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almost eighteen years ago

Nice to hear some lamb on your show:)
Coupled with scruff a double bonus!
I request some Lou Rhodes ;) Amazing album.
Keep up the good work. Neus

almost eighteen years ago

In reference to the HTML problem. (it appears that the problem has been solved....)

It\'s not the HTML, you\'re talking about the CSS.
Firefox handles CSS differently than IE...

(FF handles it better)

IE 7 is coming out in January or sooner so you should probably go with the Firefox styling.

update: i just looked at the site in a beta of IE7 and the site looks exactly the same as it is in Firefox.

But again, it looks like you\'ve solved the problem.

almost eighteen years ago

Just had to let you know I received my Volcano Vaporizer this week. I had been considering the Vapir, but after hearing your experience with it I decided to go with the Volcano as you did, and I’m very glad I did, the Volcano is amazing!

I got it off ebay and it came with a very nice aluminum carrying case that is lockable. As soon as it arrived I fired it up and inhaled a bag of vapor and it went down very nicely, smooth and with no harshness, (I usually use a bong).

I was eager to get an idea of how well the thing worked so I quickly filled and inhaled another bag. Half way through the third bag I started to get VERY stoned indeed. I spent the rest of the evening unable to formulate sentences much to the annoyance of my wife.

I was still stoned when I woke the next morning! I am very happy with the Volcano and recommend it to anyone considering a vaporizer. It is easy to use and works very efficiently.

Does anyone know if it is safe to vaporize moldy bud? I have some bud that went moldy and am reluctant to throw it away and I think I read somewhere that is was ok to put it in a vaporizer.

almost eighteen years ago

I have noticed the same affect when I hit the vaporizer without it passing through water. My throat would tickle and it would not get me that high. I also have asmtha as well. My solution was to use the heat gun with a bong. I use it every day and I\'ve had no adverse effects from it. I had to stop every other way of smoking because it was hurting my lungs. I run every other day, and since using the heatgun/bong method I have not had asmtha in about two years. You should really try that method. I actually sent you pictures of how it\'s done in email. You commented on a previous show that it burns the weed that way, and you cant judge how hot it gets. Well you can and it works great even with a cheap heatgun. I have been smoking for years that way. I can also say that from all the different methods of smoking this gets you the most ripped plus you get the real taste of the weed. You should try it out and comment about it on a future episode. I listen every monday religiously, since I don\'t have a religion that works well lol. Vaporbong

almost eighteen years ago

An essential stoner hang out in London is Camden Town, the highstreet from the tube station up to Camden Lock is always jam packed with dealers, including a high percentage of decent ones, and unlike Brixton there is a thriving headshop scene, many many shops and stalls selling drug paraphernalia and various legal alternatives to alcohol. Also sitting by the side of Camden Lock is a great place to smoke a joint on a sunny day.

almost eighteen years ago


We Might Be Giants!?

It\'s They Might Be Giants! I cringed when I heard you say my favorite band\'s name wrong! Cringed!

Anyway, good show. Glad I could help out.